Sunday, June 6, 2010

Followup on Previous Post

For those of you in health care, who will take exception to this blog and make asinine comments like "don't go to a hospital," "you are a Doctor hater," etc. Grow up. Health care is something everybody needs. My opinion of car salesmen isn't stellar either, but I still have occasional need to buy a car. I still deal with car sales personnel, but with the understanding that they are a not particularly honest or forthright. I am suspicious of their motives and don't believe much of what they say. So I view medical care.

Like car sales, medical treatment is a necessary evil. (at least where I live motor vehicles are necessary, NYC etc. may be different) With medical treatment this goes far beyond simply buying a "lemon." There is no recourse in medical care, particularly if they kill you. There are no "lemon laws" in medical care. Tort claims are almost never successful as rich medical practitioners have perverted justice and have bought legislators to legislate protective laws for them. There is nothing in the law to protect us from sub standard care. Even mechanics are held to a higher standard. I don't know about YOU, but *I* am more important to my family and friends than the car is.

Obscene monetary payouts have even subverted the FDA as far as I can see. What other reasons would we have for drug therapies that cause more harm than good, perpetuated with the full blessing of an incompetent (or worse, complicit) FDA? So please don't come on here and pompously state that the FDA has approved any drug or Versed in particular. This same outfit that has also caused the Phen Fen debacle among others is now accused of malfeasance. Here's an article, you can google more....FDA Told U.S. Drug System Is Broken - So just don't bother to tell me that your miracle drug is safe because the FDA says it is. You are the "boots on the ground" and you KNOW that this isn't so.

I realize that I will have to interact with medical personnel in the future. YOU realize it too medical people. There have always been and will always be "mavericks" (read disgruntled patients) who need your expertise. Just because we view you with a healthy suspicion, and question you, decline things like Versed, and don't necessarily go along with whatever YOU want, doesn't mean that we should be denied care. It just means that you will occasionally have to deal with people where there is a mutual animosity. I have to and you have to. That's life, get over it. If you can't be professional with those outlier patients, maybe you should find another line of work? It isn't fair to all of us who need medical care to have to deal with you.

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