Sunday, June 6, 2010

Warning for Medical Types!

It occurred to me that while I am warning people who have suffered severe and long lasting side effects from their Versed debacle not to read parts of this blog, I have neglected to warn medical people that some of this blog may be upsetting for them as well. So here it is.

If you are involved in patient care, this blog is pointedly against you! If you are freely injecting Versed because you erroneously believe that we all love it and cannot entertain an opposing view, or if you are lazily injecting us with this poison to make your job easier and more fun this blog is probably not for you.

If you come on here to slam me, or anybody else on here who has suffered at your hands, know this; I will tear you apart. I will question your motives, intelligence, mental health and anything else I perceive as your shortcomings. I will ridicule your command of the English language wherever applicable. I will insult you, use your language against you and do everything I can to put you in your place.

I tried politely informing you guys that I HATED your Versed and you laughed in my face and pranced around acting like it was somehow MY fault that your precious Versed caused me enormous distress. I am not polite here! I will repay you in kind for whatever you write here. (sometimes called a "pissing contest" and I'm quite good at this when there are no holds barred) I am impervious to YOUR criticisms of my skills (or lack thereof) because *I* am just an uneducated moron truck driver with "moderate" understanding as Aaron my CRNA pointed out. YOU medical folks are the ones who claim the moral high ground because of your superior education... YOU people are going to be held to a higher standard.

You were able to abuse me ONCE by injecting me Versed, and you (many of you) have continued the abuse verbally simply because we patients take exception to THIS ONE DRUG CALLED VERSED/MIDAZOLAM. We have dealt with your haughty arrogance before, during and after our fiasco with your miracle drug. We do NOT have to take it here and I won't let you castigate us without a murmur.

That being said, you are more than welcome to leave nasty posts. It gives me something to do. If they are sufficiently entertaining, profane, or develop MY thoughts about what the medical community is like in today's world I will put them up, along with my musings, in the main body of this blog so that everybody can see them! Trust me, they won't be left in the comments section.

Right now I hold damn near the entire body of health care professionals in disdain, (there are a few exceptions and you know who you are) from hospital presidents right down through surgeons, CRNA's, nurses and possibly orderlies and candy stripers. So, it's up to YOU medical people. If you are so inclined, please, leave me comments... Prove my point for me or alternatively, let me know that you are not all arrogant, irresponsible, lazy, callous, cold hearted, greedy, careless, snotty, money grubbing sadists who are incapable of empathy, sympathy or caring about patients. There. Fair warning.

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