Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Versed and Torture

A guy named Brad started a blog years ago about using Versed for information extraction as an adjunct to torture. Well, I found another place where the poster opines the same thing. Here's the link; Is Torture Ever Justified? - Science Forums

I took the liberty of "extracting" the part that was personally interesting to me.. Here is the quote. I have italicized and made bold the most germane part of what "Marat" has to say on this subject.

"There has recently been renewed talk of torture being justified because it may have produced information which led to the killing of bin Laden. But is it technically necessary to extract information from resistant subject by such methods?

Some have said that since people being tortured simply tell their tormentors anything they think the torturers want to hear, the information produced is always suspect. Also, the drug Scopolamine was used by the Germans during World War II as a preferred method of extracting information from those they were interrogating, since they found it easier to use and less unreliable in the results it yielded than torture. Another drug, Midazolam or Versed, which is today often used to calm patients
(Yeah right, Versed is used to enable medical people to torture patients without patient recourse, to FORCE "cooperation" (yes I am aware that using the phrase "force cooperation" is an oxymoron, but medical people aren't smart enough to figure that out.) and otherwise violate the patient.) during minor surgical procedures, causes people to babble freely about anything and everything, and under the influence of this drug they are quite suggestible and respond readily to questions posed."

Do you just love the description of people under the influence of this horrible drug? it "...causes people to babble freely about anything and everything..." Doesn't this make you feel safe? I am absolutely positive that health care workers encourage this. I have seen the revealing posts from them all over the web. You won't even know what all you told them! (usually) How about this quote? "...and under the influence of this drug they are quite suggestible and respond readily to questions posed." Are you liking Versed better yet? The "quite suggestible" part is also known as "patient cooperation.' You are cooperating with your torturer and doing everything they tell you to do, whether you want to or not. It's an uncanny feeling if you are cognizant as I was.

Anyway, I just thought you might like to know that people other than me are thinking along the same lines as I am about Versed being the PERFECT choice for sadists, torturers and medical people without scruples and/or a moral compass.

After I posted this I decided to add a couple of quotes along the same lines as above from this place; Midazolam Sedation Is Not ALWAYS Safe - Opinions Forum Page 2

Toward the bottom of the second page you will find the following 2 posts from 2 unique posters;

This one is from "PYOTR" "I've heard of Versed being used as a truth drug before; I believe that the physician who administered the drug was depending on Versed's reputed neurolept (amnestic) effect to cause me to forget a rather inappropriate question asked during induction of anesthesia. I wonder what else this creep asked his patients during induction with Versed, or what they may have divulged while under its influence.
As a medical writer and statistician, I've also had occasion to witness several conscious sedation procedures using Versed. Patients are generally quite talkative and often wind up sharing information that they may not intend to (why, apparently, Versed gained its reputation as a "truth drug"). "

This One is from "Grumpy" "In my job, I have access to highly private and sensitive information. Some of it is about people working in the very hospital where I was. I almost hope I got "chatty" in the eight hours of chemically suppressed memory. This is mean and very unlike me, but I am so angry I don't much care. Gosh: I wonder if I could have divulged ugly details of one of their chief surgeon's very messy divorce." Grumpy I sure hope you did!

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