Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Does Your Blood Run Cold?

There's a new thread on allnurses that makes MY blood run cold! Here's the link; Intubation and Sedation (547425) - Page 4- Nursing for Nurses They are talking about using Versed/Midazolam to intubate ER patients. They might as well let me die as shoot me up with mega doses of Midazolam!!!!! My mental processes are disrupted so hideously by Midazolam that I seriously would rather they just gave me some Fentanyl and let nature take its course.

Here's a quote; "Are you saying it doesn't matter if a patient only gets Versed during their intubation and their BP goes sky high and ICP dramatically increases? There are literally thousands of patients that have had MIs during intubation. Patients have MIs everyday during intubations, so I am missing what your point is."

MI= Myocardial Infarction=heart attack. These people are giving their patients heart attacks by using Versed. The nurse says "their blood pressure goes sky high." That happened to me as well. The minute they shot me up with their little control drug, my blood pressure shot up! And yet, these same people will say that Versed "relaxes" you! How the Hell does that work? How can health care workers sanctimoniously claim that Versed is oh so very relaxing when people's blood pressure and ICP "dramatically" increases upon injection? This makes no sense at all! The patients blood pressure increases enough to cause a heart attack? (or maybe stroke out) How relaxing is that? What would cause an increase so dramatic? It's because these patients are stressed out to start with and Versed finishes them off. Versed isn't a pain killer, it's an amnesia drug.

Just because the patient usually can't remember what happened later doesn't mean that they aren't living through Hell every single second during the whole thing! They aren't UNCONSCIOUS! Medical people even describe Versed use as "conscious sedation" emphasis on CONSCIOUS! The assault on the patients brain on top of everything else is causing them to check out. You medical workers should ask yourselves; "Would I be doing this if I knew the patient was NOT under the influence of Versed?" If the answer is "NO" then...

Pain is stressful, so why not give pain killers instead of Versed? Don't bother to tell me that Fentanyl can cause hypotension... That's still better than dying in mortal agony of a heart attack because the caregivers would rather torture the patient with Versed then give adequate pain relief. You people should rethink what you are doing to your helpless patients.

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