Sunday, June 19, 2011

Isn't This Special? (K)

I found a study from April 2011. It makes me wonder what the Hell goes on in the minds of the medical community. They seem so absolutely DETERMINED to use bad drugs! The study (link at bottom) is another example of this intent. The drug is Ketamine. Special K. Known to cause extreme distress in patients due to the bizarre hallucinations that it causes. Here's a site with the side effects of having Ketamine; Ketamine Effects - Long Term Effects of Ketamine - Side Effect This isn't just in the OR, these problems are long term. The medical community KNOWS THIS! Why in the world would doctors etc. keep trying to figure out a way to use a drug like this? What are the effects that the medical community DOES like, to the degree that they just keep on trying to figure out how they can keep using it?

After all that, guess which other nasty drug they want to use to immobilize the patient and cause amnesia of what they forced the patient to endure with Ketamine? That's right; the OTHER bad drug which causes long term problems in people's brains, Versed. Why are doctors and researchers so determined to destroy the brains of human beings? Why would they do this to an already injured or ill patient? In order to assault the body, they also want to totally disrupt the delicate processes of the mind PERMANENTLY! This behavior is pure evil in my opinion. Somebody needs to stop this human experimentation with known problem drugs immediately if not sooner. There is absolutely NOTHING to be gained from this. Maybe the researchers and doctors can experiment with their own brains by poisoning themselves with not one, but two brain damage drugs. Then they can turn in their license to practice and/or do any further research because of the damage done inside their OWN heads.

Here's the link; MedWire News - Anesthesiology - Prophylactic midazolam quells ketamine reaction in adults UNBELIEVABLE!

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