Sunday, May 29, 2011

Askapatient Again!

I grabbed this latest post from I use it as an example of a person who "allegedly" likes having Versed used on them. I say allegedly because if you look at the EXTREME ANGER that this person exhibits towards people who don't like Versed, this is a very typical reaction from medical folks... He could be a health care worker. It could very well be that the Versed itself created this abnormal animosity towards others. I know I was very hostile after my Versed debacle. This is a side effect of Versed that the medical community isn't addressing either! Either way, look at the RAGE behind the post. Really, it's all out of proportion to the issue of liking or not liking a particular medication.

I also want to point out that this person thinks that an "anesthesiologist" (misspelled in the post as you will see.) performed his sedation. Correct me if I'm wrong, but do anesthesiologists do the sedation for a simple colonoscopy? Maybe this guy was an ASA3 or something? He doesn't state WHY he is so special that he rated a Dr. instead of a nurse... (CRNA)

Here's the post, reproduced from; (FYI askapatient removed the last 2 sentences of this post from their web page on 5/30/11 because it was offensive. (italicized and bold below) I am leaving the statement alone here, as it was written. I want people to see the depth of hatred and rage that Versed invokes in some people. Over-the-top emotional responses are part and parcel of being "sedated" with Versed. This man exemplifies this bizarre side effect of Versed.)

"Went in for a colonoscopy. (incomplete sentence; WHO or WHAT went in for a colonoscopy?) I was given Versed and fentanyl (proper name should be capitalized) in my I.V. The anestegiologist (sp) told me that I would feel relaxed and sleepy and that was it. Woke up in post-op 40 minutes later and walked out of the hospital 45 minutes after that. (incomplete sentence again; who or what 'woke up...'?) I resumed normal activity later that afternoon. (What might that be? Bar room brawling?) No memory of the procedure and absolutely no side effects. I would recommend this to anyone who is considering an outpatient procedure. All the comments you read on this site from the sensitive "cry babies" is a bunch of garbage. These people are the same pain in the asses that everyone hates and should be dismissed." (From a 49 year old male. Emphasis mine.)

Wow! Can we say "hostile?" I can't help myself from correcting rants, so here's another one; It's not "pain in the asses" it's "pains in the ass." We don't have "pain in our asses" we have "pains in our ass." Can you grasp the subtle difference?

"Sensitive "cry babies?"" What about he himself being an "insensitive boor?" I can denigrate people with the best of them, which isn't this poster! "Everyone hates?" Says who? This poster is also an egotistical mind reader apparently. What he finds infuriating, so must everybody else. What "a bunch of garbage" he is spouting!

We who have had severe and long lasting side effects from this nasty little potion Versed "should be dismissed." The medical community would like to "dismiss" our concerns about Versed. In fact they are doing a really good job of just that. That's because Versed is only for the ease and convenience (and MONEY, don't forget that!) of the medical personnel, not the patient.

I am really glad that this poster feels he suffered no ill effects from the Versed. (I personally hope that it is the Versed which caused this person's anger and rage, and that it isn't a personality flaw of his! Anybody who reads this blog knows I feel that Versed affects bright people most, ergo, if my hypothesis is correct, this guy has the IQ of a gnat. Angry and stupid isn't a good combination... I'm just sayin'!) I cannot understand why there is such animosity towards people who dislike this particular drug. No other drug has this effect on people. Think about it, can you name one single drug other than Versed, that if the patient doesn't like it, the patient is vilified? It's insane.

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