Thursday, June 2, 2011

More On Sedation For Vent Patients

Yesterday I put up a link and some comments about this subject from I was very alarmed! I have read countless studies (I put up another one yesterday) that state that SEDATION is a huge problem for patients in the ICU. In this country with our lazy, control freak type medical workers, excuses are MANUFACTURED in order to use sedation, especially Versed/Midazolam. Versed is NOT safe. Versed causes delirium. Versed causes death. Versed causes PTSD. Versed is unnecessary under any circumstances.

I found this PDF file on-line. The title is; "Analgesia and Sedation for the Ventilated Patient" Here we have a DR. who says basically the same thing *I* have been saying FOR YEARS! Versed isn't good for patients. The amazing thing to me is that this Dr. is from Africa. When I think of African doctors I immediately think of witch doctors and voodoo. What a total shock to find that medicine is much more progressive over there. The very first thing that this doctor addresses is what the primary purpose of medical care is... What do you think it is? Here's what the good doctor says it is.

Aim of Medicine; Save Life? NO! It's to relieve suffering. (paraphrased) Sedation causes suffering in way too many people. The article shows how sedation creates more problems then it alleviates. I hope you can download it!

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