Sunday, June 26, 2011

CRNA Behavior Yet AGAIN!

I found this post over on and liked it so well, I reproduced it here. This is post # 590! That's right, 590 posts, the majority of which have bad things to say about the drug Versed/Midazolam. Due to recent posts on WWW.ANESTHESIA-NURSE.ORG and in light of the fact that I am encouraging everybody who has had a bad experience with a CRNA who was rude, dismissive, arrogant and nasty and who shot them up with Versed in a furtive manner, without informed consent etc. to report them to and ask that remedial training and continuing training for their people be implimented, I figured I would put this post up. Yet AGAIN we see yet ANOTHER patient being ridden rough shod over by their CRNA. It's unbelievable that they can get away with this! There are LAWS!

Here's what "Karen" has to say.

Blogger Karen said...

"I am so thankful to this site. ( ) Your information was so helpful when I really was afraid I was losing my mind.
My experience with versed (midazolam)was also a nightmare. I had received general anesthesia a few months before without versed and experienced no problems with anxiety, nightmares, amnesia. Nothing unexpected happened, but then I had a SECOND encounter with general anesthesia and had a bad reaction with so many serious and lingering after effects. I could not understand what was wrong with me. I have never been prone to depression, and cried almost every day for weeks. I had nightmares, I was upset or angry almost every day for no apparent reason. My surgery was 100%successful, so my anxiety wasn't coming from that. And it kept bugging me that I couldn't remember what happened for several hours after surgery. Finally I filed a formal complaint with the hospital: and got profuse apologies and the truth about my amnesia and those hours of time. I was never told I was getting an amnesia drug. Just "something to relax" me injected into my hand via IV port. I had actuallly received a Press Ganey questionnaire asking me rate how my treatment in recovery was. I wrote that I couldn't remember the 2+ hours and didn't know why.
I should explain I work in health care as an administrator (not in a service unit that uses anesthesia!) I never told this to the rude crna "surgery nurse" that was barely spoke to me. There was no indication I was nervous (I really wasn't) and the anesthesia doc nor the crna didn't speak to me enough to assess my level of anything.
I am absolutely sickened by the way I was disrespected and purposely misled. When I found your blog, ( I felt such relief I can't begin to express my thanks.
There is more to my versed horror story, but you have all heard it from others. In closing, I will tell you I have been able to focus my fury in making the agency I work for the most patient friendly and respectful we can be. I have become relentless.
But I can't go near my old hospital or even think about any thing to do with iv ports without major anxiety problems. This is eight months later.
I don't care that some medical people accuse us of being nuts or liars, or worse. I know what happened to me, and am not interested in the defense of a drug given in deceit that was obviously not for my benefit. It harmed me as it has harmed so many."


There is no defense for this. O-B-V-I-O-U-S-L-Y these "rude,""deceitful," "disrespectful" CRNA's do NOT know what's best for us. Assaulting our brains with this drug is not only indefensible, it's inexcusable as well. Then to attack us afterward, and "...accuse us of being nuts or liars, or worse." is beyond the pale. They (CRNA's) can't seem to see the harm they are doing. That's what is so wierd! They call people without a conscience "sociopaths." this behavior from CRNA's is dangerously skirting this... That's my opinion folks. Way too many patients are reporting this behavior. If you want to change my mind, I invite you to e-mail me at Try to be rational about it, is all I ask.


  1. At least Karen got "profuse apologies" and "the truth." I never did.

  2. Do you think that MD anesthesiologists never use versed? You are highly misinformed if you do! CRNA's are trained by DOCTORS.

  3. Ummm no jconnor, I don't think that MD anesthesiologists never use Versed. The difference is that anesthesiologists are TRAINED better and they don't have to rely on amnesia to do their job. I have yet to have a real doctor come here and spout off like you mid levels do.