Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Duran Duran and Medazzaland

Allegedly one of the group Duran Duran had a very bad experience with Versed which inspired him to write this song! What? Somebody had a bad experience with Versed? The Hell you say! (sarcasm) Here are the lyrics to the song:
Duran Duran Meddazzaland: Lyrics

Oh Medazzaland

I had a problem
They say they can solve
Soon I won't speak
I have no words left in me...

I dream in pictures
But the sound is muted
I have no way to understand
What they say

Into Medazzaland

People are starting to talk
But I don't hear them anymore
Now I can't see
But I am still able to think

Do I have any feeling left?
What are they saying about me?
Do they really understand what's wrong?

I feel their hands on my skin
The time has come for them to begin
I'm sinking deeper and deeper

I can feel the scalpel on my skin
It's cutting deeper and deeper
I'm in Medazzaland
Oh, Meddazaland

Into Medazzaland
Into Medazzaland

Doesn't this sound like fun? Wanna go there? Here's a link to a video of this song.

YouTube - Duran Duran - Medazzaland

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