Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Elizabeth L Bewley's blog

Here's the link; Hospital Delirium « Killer Cure Ms. Bewley is the author of Killer Cure, truly a must read for all of us who struggle with the aftermath of medical "care."

I grabbed this one single sentence from the whole blog because nearly every sentence is pertinant and this one epitomized what I have said about the severe and long lasting side effects of Midazolam! Here it is.

"Midazolam use is “the strongest modificable predictor” that delirium will develop in a patient..."

Let this little quote from a Dr. as seen on Ms. Bewley's blog sink in... You really need to read the whole page. Midazolam is CAUSING DELIRIUM! This is brain damage, a mental disorder! Caused by VERSED/MIDAZOLAM! The very thing that medical people for the most part will deny to their dying breath. What happens to people who develop delirium during their hospital stay where they were treated worse than slaughter animals? They are sent to nursing homes where they die much faster than normal. So if you tie this together, the alarming truth is that the wonder drug Versed is killing people. It may not kill them in the OR or ICU, but the brain damage it does will kill them sooner rather than later. They will die as a direct result of having this poison injected into their veins.

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