Friday, June 24, 2011


A fellow Versed sufferer found this article for me. Anesthesia Could Accelerate Alzheimer's, Expert Suggests [Archive] - WWW.NURSE-ANESTHESIA.ORG I haven't gone to this site for a while because Tim and I were verbally attacked, rat packed by a bunch of CRNA's who felt that Versed is a wonder drug with zero side effects and that if we took exception to Versed and the sneaky way it was administered, that WE were at fault, not the drug. I'm pretty sure I put that thread up on my blog somewhere way back there. It was illustrative of the thinking at that time.

I am absolutely thrilled to announce the recent thread on is talking about Versed in a negative way. Several anesthetists have indicated that they don't use Versed much any more. They have noticed that their patients exibit POCD (post operative cognative disfunction) after Versed! I'm not even going to verbally batter them about this being "anecdotal evidence," the way some CRNA's attacked me! Anecdotal evidence is useful and good, especially if it causes anesthesia providers to omit Versed in their arsenal.

Special thanks go out to AnesRes2014, Dr. Echenhoff, Forane, iceemike1, and the administration at www. NURSE-ANESTHESIA.ORG for this thread.

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