Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Tool For Versed Sufferers!

I couldn't wait to put this up! One of my good friends sent this jewel to me. I want all my readers who have been harmed by this drug Versed/Midazolam along with anybody who has had an extreme reaction to any other poison that the FDA has approved and big pharma has made gobs of money on, to put your complaints up on FACEBOOK! Here's the link that was sent to me. Thanks girlfriend, this is indeed good news.

Facebook Tells Drug Companies: No More Ignoring User Comments BNET

The countdown begins! Mark August 15th 2011 on your calender. Lets flood them with complaints about their precious money maker Versed. Irritate your CRNA and/or your anesthesiologist by using the premier social network to voice your displeasure with their patient control drug! (smiling widely and rubbing hands together in glee!)

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