Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Funniest Thing

As people who have read my blog know, there are some pretty nasty customers out there masquerading as healers. I have some posts on here from them, threatening me with physical violence, law suits, etc. not to mention the nasty profane comments and snide posts.

Think of this... Ever since I decided to identify everybody who posts here, guess what? No more posts from alleged medical workers, CRNA's and the like. Hmmm. This seems to be a personality trait. No wonder they like using Versed so much. They like to do their dirty work under cover of darkness, and/or anonymity. They don't want to be identified here and called on the carpet for their evil ways, and they don't want to be called on the carpet in a patient treatment facility for their evil ways. They like their actions to be cloaked by amnesia in a medical setting and anonymity on blog posts. Sneaky!

It's creepy, unethical, unconscionable, underhanded, words to describe this kind of lying in wait behavior fail in comparison to the ACT! Medical people are PROUD of this kind of behavior. They think *I* am the bad guy for objecting. They are angry that I didn't know enough about HOW TO DO THEIR JOB! Why bother with them if they expect us to know just as much about the job as they do?

I don't like amnesia, the reasons are my own, good, bad or indifferent. I don't like being forced into submission with drugs or physical violence either. So even without amnesia Versed is the WORST CHOICE for me. My CRNA Aaron thought that he knew more about what's best for me (after 3 seconds with me) than I did. I SAID, in English, DO NOT GIVE ME ANY DRUGS WHICH WILL INCAPACITATE ME. I WISH TO REMAIN AWAKE AND ALERT AND WATCH THE PROCEEDINGS. I EXPLAINED MY PRIOR EXPERIENCES WITH SURGERY WHERE I WAS AWAKE AND ALERT TO WATCH 2 SEPARATE ORIF FEMUR SURGERIES. Instead of following my directions and deferring to my personal experiences with surgery and anesthesia drugs, he 'lay in wait' until I was otherwise occupied (nerve block) and then and only then had his partner in crime inject the "muscle relaxant" Vitamin V into my IV! If that isn't a dirty trick, then I don't know what is! This behavior reminds me of a blitz attack by a rapist or serial killer. Just because I survived the attack, doesn't mean it wasn't bad.

I don't want g/a unless *I* deem it necessary. (not medical people) I certainly wouldn't accept a CRNA to administer g/a to me in any circumstance. I have paradoxical reactions to it. My CRNA had to give me so many drugs to try to knock me down, that he also had to use one of those foot blood pressure machines to try to get my blood pressure back. He was incompetent to administer anesthesia to me. He failed to identify his lowly nurse status, so I could fire him. Who wants a nurse to do a dangerous nerve block either? Not me!

As for the g/a I wasn't going to have... I said so in plain English, many times, over and over, in the face of their attempts to coerce me into it. My CRNA and the nursing staff I met spoke English as their first language, just like me. There was no need to interpret or "decode" what I said to them. I made it very plain. Then to find out that not only was I to get the g/a I had SPECIFICALLY FORBIDDEN, but that a DAMN NURSE was going to do it, well, it was unbelievable. See my anesthesia chart for the proof that this man was totally out of his depth with me. No wonder my surgery turned out badly. No wonder I have PTSD now! They gave me Versed so that they could go ahead with g/a over my objections. Once I was doped with Versed, they deliberately misconstrued my lack of objection as their PERMISSION to do g/a! That is just so sneaky, so unbelievable disrespectful! It's so PATHOLOGICAL for somebody to do this to me.

What they wouldn't do to my face, they did behind my back. They did the same thing here as far as their poison posts. Oh they all talked the big talk while they were anonymous didn't they? But when I wanted to shine a little light onto these people and figure out who they were, they ran. Cowards! Here's the thing... If you as a health care worker, are going to do things to your patients which normal people would find despicable, stop doing it. Don't just wreck people's brains so you can get away with antisocial behavior. Ditto on the internet. If what you want to say is reprehensible to us patients, then don't say it. Don't just sneak around hiding behind anonymity. Be proud of your hatefulness. Anyway, it's remarkable that since I quit allowing anonymous posts the MEDICAL PEOPLE quit posting! LOL

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