Saturday, June 25, 2011

Letter Writing Campaign

I am asking my readers who have been harmed by the drug Versed and also by a CRNA who failed to identify themselves as nurse, or shot you up with Versed without informing you about amnesia, abject obedience etc. to write a letter to the AANA. (American Association of Nurse Anesthetists) The email is

I am requesting that they have some classes on patient rights laws. We have the absolute right to decline any and all portions of treatment AT ANY TIME! This needs to be stressed. I want CRNA's not to hide behind "mental capacity" any more. If the patient is screaming and begging for them to stop, stop they must. It's the law. Just because the patient has received Versed shouldn't mean that they waive the right to stop the procedure! What if they don't have amnesia, just like *I* didn't have amnesia? Torture is NEVER OK in civilized society, and has no place in our medical treatment centers. CRNA's need to know this. It should be part of their continuing education, in my opinion.

I am also asking for some continuing education on how to treat patients. (bedside manner) It's not enough to simply wake up from surgery although that should be the primary goal, we need to wake up with our mental processes and emotional health intact. That means getting CRNAs to let go of Versed. IF they are going to use this kind of drug there needs to be a request from the patient. There needs to be true "informed consent" about the amnesia and obedience issues with the drug. POCD and anxiety disorders should be mentioned as well. They mention things like this with g/a, why not with their chemical Alzheimer's drug Versed? I also want to stress that Versed amnesia is not always the case. Nobody should have to listen, helpless, to the conversation that I did. Never. This type of behavior is unprofessional and harmful to patients.

CRNA's need classes on how to deal with "difficult patients." I.E. those of us who have our own opinions about what is acceptable to us. We have a right to be treated with dignity and respect. Our wishes should not and cannot be secondary to the whims and desires of the CRNA. Somewhere along the line CRNAs have lost sight of just exactly who they work for. Versed has caused these people to see us as brainless living cadavers instead of real people. We pay their inflated salaries, and we are in charge. It's the law.

I am asking that the AANA, as the premier CRNA organization, pay attention to their stated goal which is "Advancing patient safety and excellence in anesthesia." That is a lofty mission and I approve of it. I am asking that they pursue this mission with a little more zeal. We are NOT safe right now, and our anesthetists are far from advancing excellence in anesthesia. If they were, they would not be degrading and besmirching those of us who have had severe and long lasting problems because of Versed. They would not be using this drug "millions" of times. They would be saving it for extreme patients who need this kind of intervention, not subjecting all of us to unecessary RISKS with this drug.

If Versed wasn't being given to nearly every single person who presents themselves for treatment, it would be different. But this widely used drug is causing emotional harm, POCD, PTSD and other anxiety disorders. Not exactly safe is it? (Don't tell me that it's only N=1! From my viewpoint Versed is a 100% bad drug, but I'm not claiming that am I? So spare me.) As an additional problem it seems to have interfered in patient rights law. By injecting Versed and gaining compliance these people can claim that you actually wanted this treatment. You went along with it didn't you? Can't remember giving permission? Oh well, you did. YOU COOPERATED! We can't help it that you had amnesia and were totally obedient because of Versed... It seems to have bred a singular lack of compassion in our anesthesia providers as well. This is NOT "excellence in anesthesia" by any stretch of the imagination.

As always this blog is for my opinions. You are welcome to disagree. I welcome opposing opinions and as you can see, I even post the very nastiest and most profane ones. I post the ones which threaten me with physical and financial harm. You may e-mail me at if you don't want to register to post. I will keep your identity secret. I won't even post your response if you ask me not to.

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