Thursday, June 16, 2011

Proper Screw Placement (again) ORIF Distal Radius

Here's an article in pdf which has x rays of a properly done ORIF Distal Radius. They also have photos of the same device which *I* had implanted. Back in my 2009 posts I have my own x rays reproduced which show the WRONG way to put the device in. Since I can't reproduce the article I found without their permission, I am putting the link up so that you can read it in situ and compare the xrays with what *I* had in my arm.

Oh yeah, look at the stated complication rate in this particular article... 15-35% Shouldn't this be something that is revealed to patients PRIOR to insertion of the device? I have another article elsewhere on this blog which claims a 50% complication rate, necessitating additional surgery. My thinking is that risking Versed, g/a, and medical bankruptcy, not to mention nerve and soft tissue damage, sacrificing the use of the hand etc. over a broken arm is ridiculous. Even though there are scientific studies which show better outcomes with regional anesthesia for this particular surgery, good luck getting the medical people to go along with it. It's not about what's best for the patient, its about getting to do expensive stuff to the patient regardless of OUTCOME!

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