Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This is odd!

Here's the entire link;Tell me about your experience with conscious sedation please :) - The Well-Trained Mind Forums (aka Hive Mind)

Here's the post I found fascinating in light of how agressive the CRNA's who've posted here are, and how ADAMANT they are that Versed causes zero side effects in anybody at all.  Yet, here we have a nurse saying differently!  How peculiar. Italics and boldface are mine.

"I had conscious sedation for lithotripsy to blow up kidney stones.
The actual procedure was fine. I was kind of fading in & out, like in a dream.

AFTER, though, in the recovery, I was a hysterical mess. Just nuts & on one level I knew I was nuts, but I couldn't stop it. The nurse came in and said 'don't panic, it affects some people this way, you're not going insane & it will go away'. It did go away about 4 h later.

So that's my exp with conscious sedation - a very, very bad come down."  
From "Hornblower" in Canada.

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