Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Right From the Start CRNA's are Trained in Subterfuge

Apparently CRNA's are trained to use lies and ommissions to get that Versed into patients!  Here's an excerpt from the diary of a SRNA.  Of particular note, this person doesn't tell the patient that he is just a trainee.  Isn't there a law about this?  He doesn't want to spend 5 (FIVE) MINUTES explaining anything to the patient.  The very first thing he does is inject Versed with the following sentence being "Good Times."  Unfortunately he doesn't specify who these "good times" are for.  Him?  Or his drugged up patient?  He says "Hello" lies to them (by ommission) and then shoots them up with Versed. 

Clinical Day as a student nurse anesthetist -  Please review my apology to Mike in a subsequent post.  In this link it does sound like something which he claims it isn't and *I* believe him.


  1. I am that former student now CRNA.

    You have taken something very simple out of context and made up an allegation which is entirely untrue and insulting.

    Like every drug I give to my patients I tell them what it is. They all know well ahead of time that versed has the property of antegrade amnesia most of the time as well as sedative effects. My patients are quite happy at the idea of not remembering. You may not feel that way but you should know the majority are very appreciative of it.

    It is a serious allegation you make that I "lie" to my patients. That has NEVER happened nor would it ever and I take extreme exception to that comment. I do not understand where you get off making such a judgment about someone you do not even know.

    Lastly, if any of my patients ever told me they didnt want something, regardless of what drug it may be, I would not give them it unless there was a life and death reason.

    Slandering an individual in this manner is just unbelievable. I expect an apology.

  2. some people frequently are looking for ways to be offended