Saturday, September 25, 2010

Here's Another Great Discussion About Versed/Midazolam

Of note in this particular discussion is the singular lack of "good" reports.  Informed consent seems to be an issue as well.  Versed Discussions @ to see the posts in situ, and read them below.  None of these comments are mine...
  • 8 day ago I had an endoscopy… 8 day ago I had an endoscopy where they used Versed.  Since then I have had a horrible time with short term memory.  I have had episodes  of feeling agressive, angry and verbally hostile and seemed to be "out of control".  I have had a "wired" feeling, difficulty falling asleep and lots of anxiety during the day.  I am normally a very calm, organized person and can't seem to get things back in control.  Fortunately I went through the late 60's and early 70's meditating and doing yoga.  I have been counting on these methods of healing to get back to normal.  Can't wait to feel like myself again.   
  • Got Versed without knowledge… Got Versed without knowledge or consent.  Never expected a doctor to give me a date-rape drug.  Took me a while to figure out why I am so angry, obsessive, enraged after an endoscopy. Took me a while to figure out what was done to me.   Now I know why the doctor and nurses gave me such a creepy feeling with their evasive non-answers to ANY question.  If it was for my benefit, they would have asked me.  Instead, my doctor and the staff didn't need to answer any questions or waste time with my care.  Instead of the conscious sedation promised, they chose to wipe my memory rather than be concerned about my suffering. What is really frightening is that these people actually believe that explicit memory is the only kind.  Almost a week later and I am haunted, frightened, crying, in helpless rage at myself for trusting someone so twisted as to torture a helpless, gagged and drugged person and then wipe their memory of it.   How do I know it was so bad?  Why else would you cover your tracks with sneaky amnesia as a replacement for adequate anesthesia or analgesia?
  • My fifteen-year-old daughter… My fifteen-year-old daughter had oral surgery three years ago (when she was 12) where Versed was used for the proceedure.  She had to be awakened by paramedics with a sternum rub when I could not waken her once I brought her home from the surgeon's office.  Shorty after the sugery, she began to display symptoms of anxiety which grew in severity to the point where she had to be forced to leave our home.  She is still coping with anxiety syptoms whereas, before the application of the drug, she was a confident, well adjusted 12-year-old.
  • I recently had a cataract… I recently had a cataract operation at the Jules Stein hospital eye institute, which is associated with UCLA hospital in Westwood wood California. Although the operation was a success, the use of Versed during the operation was a disaster for me. For five weeks after I had great trouble with memory loss. Not being able. That said..sble to remember such simple things as my address, telephone No. Or where I was going when I would leave the house on an errand. I sometimes had trouble remembering simple words and would not be able to express myself properly. It has now been 2 months since the operation, and there are times that I still don’t feel up to par. That said I was never informed about side effect, plus the fact that the clinic charged an additional 100 dollars for an examination after
    I had already had a complete workup on week before. Versed is a terrible drug.
Here's where you can add your story;  Versed Side Effects reported by Versed Users

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  1. Nomidazolam blogspot should be required reading for all anesthesiologists & CRNAs (and med students going into those fields). I would love to believe that they honestly don't know how this drug is mentally wrecking some of us, but it appears that the opposite may be true. We are not all a bunch of crazies with previous psychological issues. I can't undo the fact that I was given this drug ,although I would if I could (my biggest regret in life). All I want now is an absolute guarantee that I will never be given this drug again...and to have an HONEST, competent, caring medical team treating me. Is that really too much to ask ?