Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Bizarre Mind Control

Since "John" sent in his comments, I have gotten some interesting e-mails.  This one comes from World Net Daily and is substantiated by Popular Science and some other places.  World Net Daily is a conservative on line outfit, so if you are one of those touchy feely types who feel that anything is all right as long as you are trying to help, you may not like it, sooo go look elsewhere for this before calling me a liar and kook.  Kay?  Here's the link...U.S. soldiers to be subjected to 'mind control'  Can ya just hardly WAIT for this technology?  Being chemically beaten in to submission with Versed is just not enough, we have to have other ways of controling people.  I am going to actively discourage my daughter from joining the armed forces at this point.

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