Saturday, September 11, 2010

Interesting Thread in Allnurses

I'm allergic to.....(laundry list)! - Nursing for Nurses  It sure sounds like some of these nurses have a total disrespect and disregard for patient's wishes.  One claims to remove "allergies" from a patient's chart if THEY feel it isn't a true allergy.  In my experience, I was absolutely truthful about "allergies" just like these nurses wanted me to be.  I have no true "allergies" to anything including anesthesia drugs.  However I have severe paradoxical reactions, major depression, lack of healing etc after being anesthetized.  I have had many major surgeries with only nerve blocks because of the fighting and restraint problems.  Of course I explain all of this and guess what gets put in my chart?  NOTHING!  Then *I* was blamed for not listing these problems as allergies.  I have been instructed by a few medical people to list Versed as an allergy, but now I see that some smartass nurse will simply remove it from my chart if I list it as an allergy and he/she feels that it isn't.  So then I get the very drugs and procedures which it is MY RIGHT UNDER THE LAW to prohibit.  Can we patients win?  Damned if you do and damned if you don't!

Also of note in this thread is the alleged "drug seeking behavior."  Listen you sanctimonious, self rightious know-it-alls, I don't like Demerol, it makes me hallucinate.  Don't give it to me under any circumstances.  I want some kind of Morphine type pain killer.  Oxycontin doesn't even begin to help with pain, so don't give it to me.  Don't give me Vicodin either.  These drugs make me so sick I only WISH I was dead.  If you can't give me Morphine or Fentanyl, (along with an anti emetic) then let me know ahead of time and I will bring Alleve (Naproxyn) which works better than your mind altering drugs any day.  Get it?  It's NOT drug seeking, it's information which *I* know and you DON'T, no matter how superior to me you may feel.  Just because one drug works better on some than another one is no reason to accuse the patient of "drug seeking behavior."

If I don't want or need Versed, DON'T ARGUE WITH ME!  Don't persist in asking about allergies vs. side effects.  It doesn't matter to me which it is, it doesn't make a damn bit of difference in the real world.  I won't have it.  (I truly don't care if you like it, or if everybody else on the face of the earth loves Versed.  I really don't!)  You guys can cry and moan and complain all you want.  Poor babies.  Yes by all means refuse to treat me as one "nurse" threatens in this thread.  I can (easily) find somebody else who is more capable and have them treat me.  Be as honest with me as I am with you and we will get along fine. 

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