Saturday, September 25, 2010

PTSD From a Hospital/Outpatient Clinic

I have been ridiculed and my character besmirched for daring to suggest that my PTSD ORIGINATED at the outpatient surgery center at a Medical Center.  Here are some articles from Springer link, not exactly an "alternate" source for information... 

As you may have read elsewhere my descriptions of what I felt while my CRNA told me I was "very relaxed."  I felt helpless, enraged, violent, ashamed, humiliated and horrified that I was treated without consent and in direct violation of my very adamant instructions.  These are all harbingers of later development of PTSD.  The reason I was so helpless was because of Versed/Midazolam.  Since I was aware of what was going on albeit helpless to do anything about it, the absolutely HUMILIATING things that Aaron said are still burned into my mind along with the humiliation of being chemically forced to be completely docile and obedient.  I was FURIOUS, but completely unable to do anything about it while all the things which I had strictly prohibited were done to me.  Aaron was not alone in this, the entire team was completely fine with assaulting me with drugs and procedures which they had all heard me decline.  They are all guilty.  Anyway, here is the first link; SpringerLink - Journal of Traumatic Stress, Volume 13, Number 3  I have italicized and bold faced those things which I want to stress...

"A DSM-IV diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) required for the first time that individuals must report experiencing intense fear, helplessness, or horror at the time of the trauma. (make no mistake it was traumatic)  In a longitudinal study of 138 victims of violent crime, (yes, being forcefully drugged against my will and surgery performed as badly as it was is a violent crime)  we investigated whether reports of intense trauma-related emotions characterized individuals who, after 6 months, met criteria for PTSD according to the DSM-III-R. We found that intense levels of all 3 emotions strongly predicted later PTSD. However, a small number of those who later met DSM-III-R or ICD criteria for PTSD did not report intense emotions at the time of the trauma. They did, however, report high levels of either anger with others or shame."

2nd reading from here;  SpringerLink - Journal of Traumatic Stress, Volume 13, Number 1
"The goal of the present study was to explore the relationship between anger and dissociation and their relationship to symptoms of posttrauma pathology. One hundred four female assault victims were assessed prospectively 2, 4, and 12 weeks postassault. Measures of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) severity, social functioning, anger, and dissociation were obtained at all assessments. Results revealed that differentiation between symptoms that predict later PTSD and impaired social functioning first becomes evident at 4 weeks postassault. At 4 weeks postassault, anger expression (remember what I have said all along about the homicidal RAGE?) was predictive of later PTSD severity, whereas dissociation was predictive of poorer later functioning."  (Once again I feel fortunate, lucky even that I did not experience dissociation, merely profound PTSD)

3rd reading from here;SpringerLink - Abstract
"The presentation outlines research conducted on 500 women by the author which demonstrated that genital medical procedures ( In my case being exposed to the jerk CRNA who had already humiliated me by commenting on my body and parts, and having a catheter inserted which caused a kidney infection.) could be sufficiently stressful to induce Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This occurred in women who had been previously sexually traumatised and also in women who had had no apparent previous psychological stress. Factors which predisposed to the development of PTSD were shown to include: feelings of powerlessness and loss of control by the woman; lack of consent; lack of information; perceived lack of sympathy in the examiner; and the experience of physical pain. These factors are compared to the situation arising in sexual assault, sexual torture and circumcision. Preliminary findings of a comparative study of PTSD in circumcised men are described."  

So there you have it, every last one of the factors which predispose for PTSD are apparent in my treatment.  I was given a drug against my will and without consent which rendered me helpless, and subject to their whims.  I had ZERO information about the surgery, the drugs, the fact that they were going to ignore my wishes as irrelevant to their own desires.  They had ZERO sympathy for me especially afterward.  I swear if Dorothy (patient relations, what a misnomer) had dismissed me again I was going to go berserk.  She stated that everybody gets Versed whether they want it or not.  She told me to just "get over it."  Isn't that what people used to tell rape victims?  She said they were "only trying to help."  With that kind of help, who needs enemies?  She also LIED about the catheter, said I didn't get one.  How else would I suddenly get a kidney infection?  Right there on the chart it says that the catheter went in easily!  What were they going to do let me pee all over everything?  How STUPID do they think I am.  Oh yeah, they told me many times how ignorant, uneducated and idiotic I am because I took exception to being treated like a farm animal.  I did NOT consent to any of this!!!  The real anesthesiologist was also nasty and unsympathetic.  He wrote an entire report which he made up.  It's on this blog.  Please note that my signature does NOT appear on the document...  3 guesses as to why this particular "interview" wasn't shown to me to authenticate?  Maybe because it is ALL lies and obfuscations?  He lied about knowing what happened to me, lied about just everything.  That's all up along with his little fraudulent "interview" in an old post.


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