Sunday, September 19, 2010

Response From a Regular Reader

This story is from a person whom I have corresponded with for some time.  He/she (yes I know which) wishes to remain anonymous "(You have my permission to post it, anonymously)"  Sent via e-mail to

I am someone who also apparently misinterpreted what was said.  Mike, I have to admit I was appalled by your comments as well, even though I now know you did not mean it the  way it sounded , and it wasn't the whole story.  Lesson to be learned :  Be really really careful about how you publicly describe your interactions with patients.  I had an absolutely terrifying experience with "conscious sedation" over two years ago, and have been left with PTSD as a result (I have been told this by more than one doctor). NO ONE explained anything about the drugs I would be receiving (Versed&Fentanyl) for my routine screening colonoscopy, other than to say I would be given a "sedative" ..and  NO ONE explained the amnesia to me (this is the norm, not the exception!).
I had even requested & expected to be awake for the procedure ! Besides amnesia for almost 3 hours after the 12-minute procedure (during which time I was "awake" & talking), I also had extreme vertigo & nausea from the Fentanyl.  I was actually scolded by the nurses that I "should have said something" about my intolerance to narcotics when asked if I had any allergies. I HAD NO IDEA THAT WAS AN ALLERGY , and again, NO ONE told me what drugs I would be receiving ! Perhaps the most disturbing comment a nurse made to me (similar to your "Good times" comment, which I actually find frightening) was  "We're going to have fun today !"   I sure as hell didn't have any "fun," so maybe THEY all had fun at my expense ?  (What REALLY goes on once we're doped up, can you tell us ???)   I could go on, but I'll stop now.  I just  wanted you to know how important it is to be completely honest with patients about everything. You do not realize the absolute trust we patients put in you, and when you betray that trust (intentional or not), it is every bit as harmful as if you caused us physical harm. Thanks for letting me vent.
Thanks for your comments...write to me any time, as you already know!

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