Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Post in Free Ideas

Here's a post from Free Ideas!!!: Long Post - Versed (Midazolam) for Gastroscopy 

Anonymous said...

I have a Ph.D. in biopharmaceutics and my GI doc thought that I was nuts when I refused Versed for my own colonoscopy; she uses it all the time and thought that it was o.k. despite a fair number of patient complaints. After reading this article, she called me and told me that these comments are starting to "connect the dots" about Versed; there is obviously a HUGE problem with this drug and with the slob docs who overuse it. My GI doc said that if she takes an extra 5 minutes per colonoscopy, sedation drugs aren't needed..BUT, the patient will probably have some discomfort. But with Versed, they still have the discomfort and possibly get PTSD as well. I recently had another GI procedure and asked the CRNA to give me 4mg of Versed just so I could see for myself; she told me that I could have anything, propofol, fentanyl, demerol (not recommended), but she didn't recommend versed for use on anyone except a condemned prisoner. Versed is given just before lethal injection......The CRNA told me that Versed is used in WAY to high doses by docs who don't understand or who just don't care. My GI doc said that she would only use propofol, but it adds tremendously to the cost of procedures. Interestingly enough, if doctors need sedation, they insist on propofol; none would want versed.

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