Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Notable Quote

I'm sorry, this is from my own collection and at the time I didn't save the attribution...  If this is yours please e-mail me so I can put that on it!

"Okay so they use versed during surgery to erase your memories of it- does that mean you aren't conscious and experiencing pain, too? Or is it possible that you wake up in excruciating pain, but you forget about it? If so, then Versed has the additional benefit of being a cover-your-ass drug for docs. Especially for the anasthesiologests who are dipping in the fent bottle.

I wonder if the Versed sales reps pitch it like that: "If your patient wakes up screaming in pain, hit him with 10mg of IV versed, and he won't remember shit. Lawsuit averted"
   Unknown Author (for now)

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