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Rose has left a new comment on your post "Here's Another Great Discussion About Versed/Midaz...":

Nomidazolam blogspot should be required reading for all anesthesiologists & CRNAs (and med students going into those fields). I would love to believe that they honestly don't know how this drug is mentally wrecking some of us, but it appears that the opposite may be true. We are not all a bunch of crazies with previous psychological issues. I can't undo the fact that I was given this drug ,although I would if I could (my biggest regret in life). All I want now is an absolute guarantee that I will never be given this drug again...and to have an HONEST, competent, caring medical team treating me. Is that really too much to ask ?

This reader "Rose" brings up a very salient point.  All of us who have been harmed by Versed want some kind of reassurance from the medical professionals that if we say NO to Versed/Midazolam that we will not get this drug!  Why is that so hard for medical folks to comply with?  There are comments all over the web about patients declining Versed, by name, writing this on their intake paperwork and STILL GETTING VERSED!  What's up with that?  I have mentioned elsewhere that I don't like Demerol.  This is not a problem for my caregivers, but declining Versed is.  Even Mike (see other post and apology) says that he will only give a drug that the patient doesn't want in a "life and death" situation.  So clearly we are going to get Versed again, even though we don't want it and it caused us harm. 

There are other posts which claim that listing Versed as an allergy doesn't work either.  The nurse will grill you about your "alleged" allergy and strike it from your records if he/she doesn't agree with the patients assessment!  (see  posts on here about allergies)  I have a friend who actually had the hospital pharmacy guy come in and tell her that her Versed allergy was simply an "aversion" and the nurse immediately shot her up with it.  What can one make of such irresponsible (childish, hateful, domineering, dictatorial, etc.) behavior from the MOST TRUSTED members of our society?  This is NOT for the patient, this is for YOUR OWN devious reasons...  If this drug was really for us patients comfort, then we would be able to refuse it, especially after having severe adverse reactions to it wouldn't we?

My own sister has had Versed many times.  She doesn't get the amnesia either, but when she declines it due to the torture she has to endure while the caregivers feel she should be amnestic is beyond endurance.  Their answer?  "I'll give you MORE VERSED!"  The other trick they used just a month ago is that they agreed to use ONLY painkillers such as Fentanyl, no Versed.  When she demanded to know what they were putting into the IV, the reply was "Oh this is the Versed!"  Say what?  She says then it was too late...  Why is this happening?

Obviously the medical field is so enamored of this drug, OR so dependant on its use, they can't treat you without that "cooperation" and amnesia.  So no matter what we do or say, there will be a fight with them over it, or you will get it regardless of what you say.  I cannot fathom the conceit that would allow a person in a position of authority over a helpless patient to abuse their power in such a way. 

I ASSUME that being able to treat people as slabs of meat, being unconcerned about patient pain, (and the worry of sufficient amounts of painkiller without harming the patient) the ability to do whatever they want without having to answer any questions, explain any part of the procedure etc is a draw.  They also mention patient "cooperation" as a selling point among themselves.  Abject obedience is what they really mean.  They want you to obey them without question, and they want to retain the ability to FORCE you to obey them and endure whatever torture they devise, without consequences.  You probably won't remember how abusive and uncaring they were anyway, so what's to stop them? 

Like most people who have become addicted to behaving like petty, self righteous tyrants without any recourse, of course they won't let the patient get away with declining Versed.  (Any of you medical people who take exception to this statement better look in the mirror.)  You know for a fact that Versed is for YOUR benefit, not the patient.  That's why we don't seem to be able to get an assurance that it won't be used.  You will stoop to any sort of lies, omissions, deceit, false pretences etc. to get that drug into every single patient who walks through the door.  Dorothy (patient relations) told me that after my debacle.  "Everybody who walks through the door gets Versed."  This attitude is all over the internet!  It's here on this blog.  It's on allnurses, allexperts, nurse-anesthesia, askapatient, law blogs, it's everywhere. 

We patients are not mental defectives because we don't want your precious Versed which caused us such mental anguish.  Why would we want a drug like this in the first place?   Then when it was forced on us we reacted badly!  We'd be crazy to allow its use again!  YOU have the issues because you won't let us decline it!  You won't let something like patient care or those pesky "informed consent" laws interfere with your drug pushing...  What is wrong with you?

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