Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stealthy Versed Injection!

This post is from a friend of mine, Linda...  This is only PART of her story, the origination of her distress is chronicled here.  Of course there is a lot more to Linda's story now.  Maybe she will write me and I can put up "the rest of the story."

I have been writing lately about how we are being given Versed without consent and against our will, even if we decline it.  This is a story of how Linda was tricked, lied to and decieved by hospital personnel and the resultant decimation of her mental health.  Versed is a terrible drug!  These stories are all too common.  Yet, nobody is listening to us and our descriptions of the aftermath of Versed useage.  Why is that?

"Yes Jackie This is me. You can post it of course. Thanks for all your hard work. Love Linda"

posted by Linda on 27 Oct 2009 at 6:15 am
Two years ago I was injured in an automobile accident. I dislocated my hip and fractured my ankle. I was transported by ambulance to University Hospital in Syracuse NY. In the ambulance I was given 10mg. of morphine. When I arrived at the hospital 20 minutes later the nurse Jolene Keyes RN said she needed to get xrays and said she would give me something for pain. I asked what I was getting she shrugged her shoulders and said morphine. So I agreed. I woke up 11 hours later terrified with a cast on my leg and no menory of the days events.

After I was discharged I was not emotionally stable. I was scared out of my mind. I couldn't figure out what happened. I began to relive the first few minutes of my stay at the hospital. I couldn't sleep and I cried constantly. I tried to ask the hospital what happened and they won't talk to me. When I complained that I couldn't remember they said "that's normal". Well that wasn't normal for me. After three months of fighting with the hospital and the surgeon I found out that the nurse had given five mg. of versed followed by another 10mg. and 50mg. of propofol two hours later.

Apparently at that time I quit breathing. According to my record I had been struggling to breathe after the first dose because they put an oxygen mask on me with 4liters of oxygen. This experience has left me with PTSD, depression, anxiety and insomnia. Previous to this I was high functioning. At the time of the accident I was attending grad school I almost failed my grades plummeted. I was almost fired from my job because I couldn't do it anymore. I am an LPN and a social worker. I am now terrified of medical practitioners. I have had to see a doctor a few times since this incident I cry every time. I can't stop the fear.

Versed has ruined my life. My conclusion since this happened is that medical personnel do not care if you will have problems. They do not care if you are allergic. They will do whatever they want. If you tell them you don't want versed they will give it to you anyway and they are not concerned with any problems you might have because they will give you something else to fight the side effects or intubate you or do whatever they want. The only thing we can do is fight for our rights because right now they say we have them but they are not enforced. Don't become a victim like so many of us have. Once they have the IV running they do what they want.

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