Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sorry Folks

Originally I wanted to keep this blog open to anybody who wanted to post. I was actually hoping to encourage discussion between patients who had been harmed by the attitude of anesthesia providers, and their drug of choice Versed, and anesthesia providers. I thought that being able to post COMPLETELY anonymously would help people speak their mind a little more easily. People will be more frank if they think that they can't be identified. This was for YOUR benefit, not mine.

However this privilege has been totally abused by a lot of (medical?) folks who come here. I am not going to tolerate any more abuse from people purporting to be CRNA's. Since I have yet to have anybody come on here claiming to be a Dr., I can only assume that anesthesiologists are different. Since this has been completely anonymous there is a possibility that some of the posts are from patients who like Versed, but it's not likely. I am assuming that its all about anesthesia nurses getting mad at some upstart patient who would DARE to criticize their little drug and themselves for using it indiscriminately and without "informed" consent.

I don't care if you disagree with me because that's how adults solve differences. However there isn't one of you alleged CRNA's that want to have dialogue, it's all about insulting and degrading me further. That's totally childish. What is wrong with you? (Why in the hell would you people use Versed without proper consent and then become angry, so virulently ANGRY when we don't like it or want it?) I still don't know, it's one of those things where you KNOW that there is an answer somewhere, but all you see are the results. Grown educated professionals acting like thugs and trusting patients being harmed. It's unfathomable.

Just because you are not identified by my blog shouldn't mean that you can come on here, not to have intelligent discourse but to hurl profanity, spew venom, make threats against me and all the rest of it. It childish, tiresome and it has gotten to the point that I'm shutting it down. If you people can't identify yourselves and leave me some way to contact you or have the authorities follow up on the wild threats, then I just won't let you post anymore. You should be proud to be fully identified! Shouldn't you? The comments are YOUR erudite thoughts and feelings, and while I think you should all be ashamed of yourselves, I'm sure you have a different take on your behavior. So take credit for your comments. Be proud that the CRNA's that come here act like hoodlums and vandalize web sites. Put your name on it and give me your e-mail if you're not ashamed of yourselves.

I'm sure my readers have seen enough of this talk on here (and several other "professional" web sites) to make some reasonable decisions about health care providers, in particular CRNA's. As I have pointed out elsewhere on here there are a few good ones. The CRNA who did my Beir Block for the second operation was one of the good ones. It wasn't enough to outweigh the bad... If I had known ahead of time that he was from the same anesthesia group as Aaron, it's doubtful I would have allowed him anywhere near me. My experience was that bad the first time. The people who read the comments are probably getting more and more concerned about health care workers in general and CRNA's in particular. Isn't this counter productive? You want us patients to love you and trust you with our lives, but at the same time look what you are doing here! It makes no sense to me, but I must lack the capacity to fully understand how this behavior will get you the results you desire. That's what you need to tell yourselves... Never Again just doesn't comprehend that our actions and words actually make people love and trust us, because she it too (insert your own pejorative here).

FYI I have also sent links to this site with encouragement to read it, including excerpts from your filthy mouthed diatribes to both my Senators and my Congressman in DC. My state Congressmen and Senator likewise. I have hand delivered printed portions of this site to my elected officials in their local offices. I will be sending a copy to my state attorney general since this latest round of threats of violence and lawsuits I take very seriously. I have also sent a link to this site to the AANA as well. They are one of the bodies which I complained to about my CRNA. To say they were shocked and apologetic is an understatement. The ones I talked to were just wonderful, but they're not here are they? I hope they read what you people are posting in the comments and institute a rigorous program of reeducation for you. Obviously you people need some guidance about what is proper behavior, here and in the hospitals.

So for several reasons, I now want to IDENTIFY where these threats are coming from. You've had your fun medical people, but it's over now. If you can't be civil when I allow you to post anonymously, then I have to use other means to make you behave yourselves. You are not doing your profession any favors. From now on you must give me enough information that I or my computer guy can track you. I will turn you in to the AANA and whatever regional boards there are in your area if you misbehave. DON'T THREATEN ME in any way. I will not tolerate the foul mouthed abuse and the aspersions as to my character, mental health, appearance, or job. I'm done taking it.

As I've said before, if you want respect act respectable. You want to politely give me reasons why you would use a drug like Versed against patients wishes, take exception to ANYTHING I've said, share your shock at the comments on this blog, etc. be my guest, just be proud of your posts and identify yourself. If you want to explain why you would sneak Versed into a patient, why, even if they decline Versed, it's always the first thing you put in the IV, tell me. I am all ears. There are some good people who actually care about the patients well being, even after they are sent home...

But the good ones don't embroil themselves in this kind of pointless abusive behavior. I don't care to constantly defend myself against spurious personal attacks all the time. I want to discuss how this happened to me, and how we can fix it. Since I would never, ever have the unmitigated gall to deliberately do something to somebody that they had asked me not to, or that I knew they wouldn't like, I don't get it. None of you people can explain it either, so you go on the attack. Well, no more. Identify yourselves so that I can put a stop to the more shocking and anti social behavior exhibited by you people alleging to be CRNA's, that come on here. I think we've all seen enough examples.

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