Saturday, July 24, 2010

From NPR

Many Doctors Stay Mum On Unfit Colleagues : NPR Very interesting article and the comments are very telling. For the anonymous from my post "More From "More On The Comments" why didn't you read this article or one like it before you spouted off at me? Get more information, rather than basing your ideas on just one source, me. I am not the final word on anything, I'm just an injured party. I am angry about all of this!

I had no idea about what kind of abuse I would suffer at the hands of medical personnel. I had absolute trust in my medical team and they ALL betrayed me. Since my last major surgeries, except my c-section when my step father the Dr. was a colleague of the ob, were in 1986, I just didn't have a clue how bad things had gotten at the same time as the cost had skyrocketed out of control. I had no idea about Versed or any other amnesia and/or patient control drug! I had no clue that the Dr. who was performing a dangerous nerve block and had full intentions (albeit ones not revealed to ME, the stupid patient) of knocking me out against my will was actually just a damn NURSE! I would NEVER, EVER have allowed a nurse to perform anything like this on me. Pain meds and local anesthetics are as far as I want a nurse to go! My right, my choice. I may have more intellect to bend to this problem than many, but please, people, don't take anything I say as Gospel. Do your own due diligence. Gather intelligence.

Since I am one of those intense people whose personal ethics demand that I do the very best job I can do regardless of the job itself, I was totally surprised to see that not only was my anesthesia done wrong causing permanent harm, my surgery was badly done. Course the surgeon denies this, but the fact is that I was further degraded by my experience with the surgeon. Why is medical care so degrading? Is it the Versed? Patients under the influence of this poison are not worthy of respect and act like blithering idiots from what I gather. Anybody can be reduced to this with a very small amount! Is it arrogance? Is it what some of the articles I've printed this morning state? That Dr.s and the rest of medical personnel are ignoring their rogue colleagues for a myriad of reasons? I wouldn't tolerate this in a co-worker of mine for one second! Believe me you can be killed just as fast by 80,000+ pounds of rolling iron going at freeway speeds as you can by a careless medical person. I won't put up with it. Why do medical people?

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