Friday, July 30, 2010

More Threats From "M"

M has left a new comment on your post "Defamation Of Character":


You should seek professional help for this situation. I never said you were not treated unfairly by whomever gave you versed if you said not to. However, what I did say was you should not slander and libel an entire profession for the actions of ONE person. Which is exactly what you did.

I do not think anyone would blame you for being upset about your situation and noone is defending the individual who gave you a drug against your wishes. However, that does not give you the right to say what you did about an entire profession. Continue along this path and I will begin proceedings against you.

First of all honey, I am NOT your Buddy. What kind of professional help would you suggest I get and how exactly am I to pay for it? I don't make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year like you do. Why should I have to go "get help" for something that a CRNA did against my wishes? How many other people do you think have been harmed by your attitude and the propensity for not divulging what Versed is and does? That my friend is against the law.

What do you think is slander and libel? Stating my opinion, based on facts and the nasty comments provided here by people purporting to be from your profession? If it had been from just one person, then that would be different wouldn't it? Unfortunately YOUR OWN COLLEAGUES AND YOU have made comments about *ME* and threats against *ME* which I take exception to, every bit as much as *YOU* are taking exception to what I say. Maybe I should be tracking their IP addresses and filing charges against them for threatening me? HMMMM? Maybe a class action suit by those many of us who have been harmed by being lied to about Versed or forced into having Versed might do the trick?

You are absolutely WRONG in saying that "noone is defending the individual who gave you a drug against your wishes." If you have read much on here you would know that this is totally false. You are all defending him. If the entire profession (it seems) IS defending this action and attitude from one of there own, then there is no slander or libel. I have no intention of being frightened into silence by a CRNA who is acting just like what I think a CRNA would act like. Go ahead, spend the money to sue an old truck driver because, sniff, she's saying bad things about us just because she got HARMED by one of us and we all went right into attack mode.

Your statement "You should seek professional help for this situation" is just another example of the absolute disdain you people feel toward anybody who is angry that they were treated like dirt. How dare you malign my mental health? How dare you slander me and libel me in this manner without even knowing me! You are insinuating that I am insane aren't you? So you want to sue an insane person? What is wrong with YOU!

If this is so upsetting to you that you would spend money and lots of it, then you have a problem don't you. I'm sick and tired of people like you, who claim to be CRNA's attacking me, impugning my motives, threatening me and in general acting like petty tyrants. There is NOTHING on here that is slanderous or libelous. Maybe YOU get that idea when I respond to the hate filled comments from alleged CRNA's. I will be contacting my IP provider to see if I can find out where all these threats are coming from. In the mean time, I guess I will have to renege about letting all of you alleged CRNA's come on here and say your piece. I am sorry about that, I figured letting you spout off would prove my point! Now I am going to remove that tool, because I am having too much emotional pain dealing with the hate mail.

Why don't you e-mail me? I know, because YOU don't want me to find out who you are, do you? You are just mad because I don't bow down and worship the ground you walk on. Your attitude is just what I am railing about. Here is my counter suit... Some jurisdictions have a separate tort or delict of "verbal injury", "intentional infliction of emotional distress", "outrageousness", or "convicium", involving the making of a statement, even if truthful, intended to harm the claimant out of malice. You are on here doing "verbal injury", and "intentionally inflicting emotional distress" by your threats. I am an injured party and all the alleged CRNA's came out of the woodwork to assault me verbally and include threats of bodily injury and lawsuits. You are intending to harm me out of malice because of what happened to me and me having the audacity to talk about it.

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