Friday, July 30, 2010

For "M"

I don't know if you can post on here any more darlin', but I would like to draw your attention to a few other posts I have up. In particular my post from 6/13/10 where I say that I don't hate ALL CRNA's and then go on to give quotes from a discussion by them on Versed use. I also have the post where I commented on CRNA Lauren who seems like a wonderful person... You left one of your "deliberately malicious" comments on it, intended solely to cause me "emotional distress"! Most peculiar. There are others on here about the "good guys" IE those CRNA's who get it that Versed isn't the wonder drug you pretend that it is.

Also look at my post from 6/8/10 where I have a compilation of the abusive behavior from your own colleagues... Do you see anything in there that would lead me to believe that you guys aren't almost all a bunch of hate spewing fanatics? Look at all the names they call me, and the things they say, just because I took exception to my treatment at the hands of a CRNA! You said and I quote "I never said you were not treated unfairly by whomever gave you versed if you said not to. However, what I did say was you should not slander and libel an entire profession for the actions of ONE person."

This attitude is not from just one person is it? Not one of these alleged CRNA's is saying anything like "you were treated unfairly." Not on your life. And neither did you! This is the first I've heard of it! So you agree with me on that point. Belatedly, but judging by your other comments this isn't how you feel at all. I think you only said that to help your "case" against me?

Do you think that I should allow these profane and abusive statements to color my feelings about CRNA's? If not, why not? Nobody in their right mind would want to go to anybody who sends this type of message. They all CLAIM to be CRNA's... What would any normal person THINK about a group of people who act like that and say such things? Especially after having to suffer through the abusive behavior I had at the hands of the guy who did this to me originally. What do you say to that, besides I want to sue you? You say NOTHING about that! Your silence is deafening.

"I do not think anyone would blame you for being upset about your situation and noone is defending the individual who gave you a drug against your wishes." Yes you do blame me. Read the comments here and ALL OVER THE WEB! Yes you ARE defending the cretin who did this to me. You yourself leave hateful, hurtful comments on here disparaging me don't you? Your constant references to "getting help." The threats of lawsuits etc. Go look at those posts from other CRNA's, at least people claiming to be CRNA's, and I have no reason to doubt them based on my own experience with my CRNA.

"However, that does not give you the right to say what you did about an entire profession." The totality of the experience, the utter lack of caring about what this drug can cause long term, the spiteful degrading comments about ME and the continuing saga of attacks on me PERSONALLY which have continued all the way up to your threats, is what makes me suspect that all of you have some kind of problem. They are here on this blog for all to see.

Why would you threaten me with a lawsuit when all the evidence points to the fact that, in your words, the individual gave you a drug against your wishes. I am not the only person reporting this... What gives you the right to impugn my motives? What ever gives you the idea that you are in a position to take exception to the truth?

So what gives you the right to come on here and attack me PERSONALLY and patients in general? Do those nasty "comments" give me the right to tar your community, they were written by YOU (collectively)? I didn't write those things. I would NEVER have the nerve to go on somebodies blog and prove that I was a complete maniac, like nearly every single one of the alleged CRNA posters did to me! Why am I held to a higher standard? I am still shocked at the hostility toward people who hate Versed. You act like I said something blasphemous. I should be stoned to death or something for heresy.

I want to know why you people act like this when we tell you that your precious drug that you injected us with was unwelcome and caused all kinds of problems for us! Why do you give it to us even when we decline it? Why is this drug given without full disclosure? Of course I am going to try to figure it out. I have never seen anything like it! I KNOW that you aren't doing this to us "for our own good." Otherwise you would stop immediately. There wouldn't be this visceral hatred for people who don't want it and take exception to its use. IT ISN'T NORMAL! There is something else at work here that you people are not admitting. I am going to keep digging until I find out what the problem is.

It should NOT be a problem to dispense with a drug that so many people hate. If I have to shut down this site, believe me there will be more. Every day there are news stories about Versed, colonoscopies, sedation horror stories etc. I'm just one person, but I belong to a large subset of people who have been harmed by you guys and your insistence on using a very bad drug. If Versed was any good, there wouldn't be so many of us who have this kind of experience would there?

"Continue along this path and I will begin proceedings against you." First you have to prove that I lied. Then you have to prove INTENT. It has never been my intention to cause personal harm to you or your brethren. Then you have to prove that it has caused you HARM. What harm? You're upset because I don't like your comments, your arrogance, I don't like your hate mongering attitude, I don't like the slanderous statements from you guys about ALL of us who had a bad reaction to being poisoned, me in particular and I don't like your drug.

It has been my intent to expose THIS DRUG, you people for what you did to me and others with your mind control and freak out drug Versed, and to expose the prevailing attitude towards your helpless patients. I think I've done a pretty good job of that, thanks to all the help I got from CRNA's or those claiming to be CRNA's. That's what you won't look at isn't it? Never mind being horrified by what was done to me or what these psychos are putting up on my blog! I wish I could say that I was surprised by this newest threat against me, but judging by your fellow CRNA's who want to do much worse, I guess I should be happy that at least YOU are staying within the law and not wanting to physically attack me.

I don't have anything to get in your suit, and I will counter sue. The most that you can hope for is that I will have to pull this blog, but in the meantime I will be keeping everybody apprised of the extent that CRNA's will go to to crush dissenting, disgruntled or unhappy patients. I will be naming names and giving a blow by blow account of what happens for all those poor patients out there that you claim *I* am harming by speaking out. Maybe Geraldo Rivera or Oprah would be interested in what happens to a whistleblower patient? I think a lot of people would be very interested in the abuse we have suffered so far from the medical community... Especially the profanity and threats of violence...

Thank God for all those nasty people on allnurses and nurse-anesthesia too. This is not the only place in which this odd problem has been demonstrated.

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