Sunday, July 18, 2010


While I'm at work I have unlimited time to think about why exactly anesthesia providers are so adamant about Versed. As I've noted previously, it's fun for anesthesia people to deal with patients on Versed. The uncensored thoughts and statements, the absolute, unquestioning obedience to their every command, etc. How enjoyable for the staff! I imagine it makes the day go faster to get to watch these patients acting the fool. BUT is this enough to make these same anesthesia providers go berserk when we suggest that Versed is no good and warn others NOT to allow its use? I'm thinking not really. I don't go into meltdown because the truck I drive has no radio, no air conditioning, etc. Those things make my job easier, but if I don't have them, oh well. I don't tend to get hysterical over it. So anesthesia providers have yet another reason to use Versed. The entertainment aspect of forcing Versed on people isn't ALL that there is.

What if anesthesia people are scared out of their wits just THINKING about working with somebody who does not have amnesia? Aaron, my CRNA claims that he gives 99% of his patients Versed. 99% of his patients DO NOT NEED VERSED! So there is another reason. Forget about anesthesia providers' claims that they "tailor the anesthesia for the individual." This is a bald faced lie based upon Aaron's own statement to me, and the other statements here. Don't buy into the lie that Versed is for the precious patients' comfort. These people like to use Versed for a myriad of reasons, (completely UNrelated to patient care) but maybe the real reason that they are so desperate that they would come here acting like little high fallutin terrorists and attacking me is because they are unable to cope with cognizant patients. Anesthesia providers' own fear may be the main reason Versed is used.

Maybe in their entire anesthesia lives they have gotten used to patients with amnesia. From anesthesia school on, they have never, ever had to actually deal with a patient for more than the initial five minutes or so? What if they never did learn how to properly consent a patient because they can just shoot them up with a drug which causes amnesia? Why would you bother to tell a patient what to expect when they aren't going to have recall of it anyway? (they hope) They obviously feel like they don't even have to mention the lack of recall or AMNESIA, so these jerks have been able to completely disregard the patient, patient rights etc. Afterward they even claim that they DID tell you all about it, that the Versed erased those memories too. What a crock, but how CONVENIENT for the staff! (read the law as it pertains to staff convenience elsewhere in this blog.)

What if these people (anesthesia providers) not only got to disregard patient rights, consent laws and explanations about the procedure, but also get to continue their substandard care as well. Why learn to do your job well, when nobody cares and the patient won't (they hope) remember any of it? Why bother perfecting their technique for say, nerve blocks? Who gives a damn if they don't work anyway? The patient WON'T KNOW how pathetic the attempt was will they? Not with Versed.

What if the REAL reason that colonoscopies are so painful ISN'T because they inherently are, but because with patient amnesia it doesn't matter anyway. There seems to be ample proof of this one. So Versed keeps those patients coming back because they can't remember and report the abuse. Is this fair? Is it ethical? Versed makes it so that you can be tortured. If colonoscopy procedures were remembered and THE PROVIDERS KNEW IT, do you think that they would be a little more careful not to cause pain? Do you think that maybe they would improve their technique so that they could keep the steady stream of dollars coming in? What would be the point of becoming extremely skillful with colonoscopy when you have patient amnesia to hide behind? Sloppy care or skillful care, with amnesia what's the diff.?

Contrary to what the hysterical anesthesia providers who come here think, I am a fairly normal person by anybodies definition. (I also have empathy which anesthesia providers don't seem to have. That means that I can put myself in their shoes and imagine what it would be like.) When I think about how it would be for anesthesia providers and some doctors who have become completely reliant on patient AMNESIA to actually have to deal with real people instead of zombies, I think it would be pretty scary!

What if the patient wouldn't go along with what the doctor wanted and they weren't drugged into obedience? What then? What if a patient said "stop" and they actually had to stop the procedure? Think of all the MONEY they would lose. (read where Aaron states that I gave consent by "not objecting." I was drugged to the point that I couldn't object... I couldn't stop them and I couldn't sign out AMA) What if you people actually had to OBEY the patient instead of the other way around? Would the surgeon or whatever be mad at YOU? Aaah, but with Versed you guys don't have to worry do you? Job security.

What if the patient realized that their nerve block was inadequate? Then what? If the anesthesia person couldn't do their job right and the patient (and Dr.) was AWARE of it? Makes my blood run cold... (remember the empathy thing) Right now, with Versed this isn't a concern for anesthesia A-T A-L-L. What if you couldn't use Versed? Can any of you perform a block without first drugging your patient? I don't think very many of you can... That scares you doesn't it anesthesia providers? It should scare you. Too many complaints about those of you who can't do your job and you are out on your a**! I already know that you don't give a damn about your patients, their pain or anything else, so this has to be the real reason you inject poison into all your trusting patients.

You anesthesia people are scared out of your minds that you will be revealed as to your lack of skills aren't you? You have no clue, do you, about how to treat a patient who isn't amnestic? You just can't properly perform your job and you don't want the patients to know. (in my opinion) Like the nerve blocks I mentioned above. Fear is a powerful motivator, and I think that maybe, just maybe, this is why people who hate Versed for whatever reason are attacked. When animals are cornered they are liable to attack. Anesthesia providers are animals too and have the same atavistic feelings as any other cornered animal.

YOU CAN'T DO YOUR JOB WITHOUT VERSED CAN YOU? You are frightened by the thought and dismayed at the very idea. If patients could complain about your sorry butts, you might lose your cushy overpaid under worked job! This may just be the main reason that Versed is used and that anesthesia providers are so belligerent about it. The fear factor.

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