Friday, July 30, 2010

Defamation Of Character

There is one person, "M" that I assume is a CRNA who takes exception to *ME* taking exception to the horrible way I was treated by a CRNA. This person has NO PROBLEMS AT ALL with how I was assaulted and forced to have risky treatments which I had catagorically declined by a CRNA who broke (all) the laws pertaining to patient rights and patient autonomy. That isn't a problem. This person has zero problems with the verbal attacks on me by people purporting to be CRNA's. This person has apparently no problems at all with the threats of violence toward me by alleged CRNA's for speaking out about my abuse at the hands of a CRNA. No problems at all there either.

I suppose it should come as no shock to my readers that NOW this person is threatening me with "liability" for talking about it and showing how bad this has become. Here's *M*'s latest post.

M has left a new comment on your post "MY Kind of CRNA!":

Just to be clear, some of the statements about CRNAs here are slanderous and libelous. Making such broad statements about an entire profession is not only morally wrong but creates a potential for a lawsuit. Many recent court rulings have found owners of sites like this, as well as the original posters, liable in these cases. I would suggest you reconsider making broad statements about a profession and simply stick to the topic lest you find yourself in regret.

Isn't it odd how this person posted on one of my FAVORABLE CRNA posts? Is this person jealous because Lauren seems to be the kind of person that I WOULD allow to work on my behalf? The threats and character assassinations toward ME are just fine. This is acceptable behavior by CRNA's? Is it "M"? "M" it is morally wrong to disobey the law. It is morally wrong for CRNA's to act like they are above the law and willfully inject a poison, known to cause long term adverse reactions simply for their convenience. It is absolutely morally reprehensible to defend this kind of action by one of your own. Why am I so angry? Because you and people like you have directed hatred and abuse toward me, AFTER I was abused and treated with absolute disdain by your profession. Go over to nurse anesthesia and look at all the nasty horrid comments are left about stupid, ignorant patients. Maybe I can sue them? What about the web pages devoted to the "loopy things patients do while under anesthesia"? Is that OK? Is it morally wrong?

I HATE VERSED! I hated it when it was given to me against my will or knowledge and without informed consent, and I hate the long term problems associated with it. I should never have even known about this drug! Don't you get that "M"? If my wishes were followed and if the law had been adhered to I wouldn't even know how bad a drug this is because it would never have been used on me. A CRNA broke the law and attacked me with this drug Versed and there is nothing I can do except write about it. I have previously said that I believed it was just this one person... That is what I thought until the whole group of you went on the attack. Look through the comments and see "M". See anything on there that would make me think otherwise? This wasn't an isolated incident at all. It is pervasive.

Then to have as bunch of self righteous CRNA's continue the attack is UNBELIEVABLE! Since when have patients been so devalued that we are subject to this kind of assault? This is YOUR fault, not mine! There has to be a reason why you all seem to be so rabid when it comes to this drug. My musings are not at fault. Your attitude is. What part of slanderous and libelous do you apply to what has happened to me, and what YOU people post here? You think being called "nut case," stupid bitch," etc. is not slanderous and libelous? How many of your peers have posted this kind of tripe here? What kind of person posts that they "hope you die and get out of the gene pool?" But that's just fine with you isn't it "M"? All the venom spewing isn't enough for you is it "M"? You won't rest until the my whole life is ruined will you? Will that be enough for you?

I don't know what you would hope to accomplish by this. I don't have anything of value to take. I seriously doubt that they would put me in jail for this... If they want to garnish my pathetic wages, I will simply go on disability. I have been having major problems with PTSD which I got from my treatment by a CRNA. Some days I can hardly go to work. I can't go past a hospital without hyperventilating and sweating just THINKING about having to get medical treatment. I worry continuously about a CRNA getting their hands on me again. (Look at all the comments here and look at all nurses and nurse anesthesia, this should scare anybody) There is a post which claims that I may not get Versed prior to surgery, but that I WILL be getting Versed during the operation. Oh great! Why would you say this? I just can't stand the thought of going through this again.

A CRNA caused this problem because of an insufferable arrogance and a wholesale disregard for the law. The people who post here are in favor of this. If that is too upsetting for you, then maybe you should rethink just whom you are so zealously defending. Coming on here and threatening me doesn't really change my opinion of you OR make you seem like a caring health care worker. In fact dear "M" it makes it worse. Now not only are we patients doped up, attacked, besmirched, ridiculed, slandered, accused of being mentally unstable, ignorant, stupid, better off dead, nut cases, unscientific, ad nauseum now we have to worry about being sued when we complain. Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about CRNA's.

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  1. Buddy

    You should seek professional help for this situation. I never said you were not treated unfairly by whomever gave you versed if you said not to. However, what I did say was you should not slander and libel an entire profession for the actions of ONE person. Which is exactly what you did.

    I do not think anyone would blame you for being upset about your situation and noone is defending the individual who gave you a drug against your wishes. However, that does not give you the right to say what you did about an entire profession. Continue along this path and I will begin proceedings against you.