Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Please Explain This Comment! Anybody?

"Anonymous is very misguided in the whole practicing medicine comment... It's called practicing anesthesia .... Nurse anesthesia... Practicing medicine is what physicians call it to make it sound more important." From another anonymous in the Turf Wars Comments... What is this person saying? I will make an attempt to explain it, but if anybody else has an idea let me know. Sheer arrogance and hubris is what I get.

Is anesthesia and/or the pushing of drugs no longer medicine? Drugs are ?Medicine? "It's called practicing anesthesia... Nurse Anesthesia... I guess that this "Nurse Anesthesia" doesn't require medicine. Otherwise you are definitely "practicing" with medicines. Unless you are a Doctor, you are not supposed to be practicing medicine, you are only a nurse. Personally I am done with nurses who should be changing bedpans instead "practicing" injecting brain destroying medicines on a whim, just to make their little job easier.

PRACTICE definition; a method of learning by repetition. Obviously anesthesia nurses are NOT learning by repetition because we patients are complaining about the universal use of Versed/Midazolam and the subsequent destruction of our brain function. They are NOT learning from this at all. So the nurses are endlessly repeating (practicing) their failed experiment with a medicine without learning a thing.

How very hostile toward Doctors who by definition are better educated and more cognizant about what the medicines are doing to the human body and brain than a nurse. Doctors don't need to use verbiage to "make it sound more important." I think that besmirching the education and skills of a Doctor are an example of the esteem in which these anesthesia nurses hold THEMSELVES. It's form of self aggrandizement by attempting to belittle those whose education is superior to themselves. These nurse anesthesia providers are subordinate to Doctors, yet they will try to belittle everybody else, patients and Doctors alike, seeking to raise their own pathetic selves onto a pedestal. People a nurse is a nurse is a nurse. Not a doctor. Please read my post about "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" if you want insight into this kind of mental disease. Do we really want people who are certifiably insane to work on us?

Call your state and federal boards and demand that mental health screening and drug testing be done on any and all health care professionals who routinely inject patients with mind altering drugs. Truck drivers, police etc. have to go through this and so should the people who actually have ACCESS TO DRUGS! Call your Senators and Congressmen! We have had enough with being treated like cattle by people whose main objective is power and control, who know next to nothing, can't learn anything from experience because they are in denial, yet insist that they are equal to a Doctor and feel sanguine about continuing a practice of injecting brain disabling drugs without THINKING. (For you English parsing people, I know the previous sentence is a run-on sentence. I am just a truck driver... Furthermore, my brain function is much less than it was prior to my little incident with a nurse anesthetist who was "practicing medicine" all on his own.)

If this is the first post of mine that you have read, don't blame me for being angry and upset with anesthesia nurses. Blame your own brethren, because if it hadn't have been for one of your own mistreating me and mishandling my anesthesia I would still be in ignorant bliss about you people. My anesthesia nurse masqueraded as a Doctor and if he had DONE HIS JOB RIGHT, I would have been none the wiser. If the rest of you hadn't been so determined to defend the indefensible (my treatment at the hands of a nurse anesthetist) and (insanely) make false claims about Versed, then I wouldn't have such animosity toward all of you. What happened to me was WRONG on every level. All of my concepts about nurse anesthetists (CRNA's) have been borne out by the irresponsible statements and personal attacks I have received since the debacle.

I am not real fond of Doctors either at this point, but I know that I will have to deal with them in the future. I will NOT be having an anesthesia nurse "practicing medicine" on me. Never Again.


  1. What a clueless rant.

    Anesthesia is LEGALLY the practice of both Medicine and Nursing. It is medicine when an anesthesiologist does it and NURSING when a CRNA does it. That goes back 70 years to the dagmar/nelson case which is what made this law.

    If you want to make absolutely incorrect statements as well as defamatory ones about my profession you had better have you FACTS right. 90% of what you post here is incorrect.


  2. It is so sad that you suffered so much brain damage sometime in your life. That brain damage has impaired your ability to think logically, to understand reality and to intellectually understand accurate, scientifically based information.

    I have found it impossible to argue with drunks, drug addicts and mentally impaired people, so I won't waste my time. What is unfortunate is that there are some people who will read your rants and not understand your mental illness.

    Please seek help before you harm more people.

    Send from a compassionate, certified registered nurse anesthetist, who administers anesthesia daily to VIP patients, surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists and your average person. I have awards, accolades, gifts, letters and kind words from patients all of the time for the great anesthesia experience. Also, I have had midazolam many times and am rational, able to communicate, publish books, raise a family and lead a normal life.


  3. If you are a nurse, especially if you are a crna, then stop insulting patients who have had a bad experience with midazolam...they are a HUGE percentage...check out for versed horror stories.............