Friday, July 30, 2010

Airline Pilot Speaks

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Turf Wars In Alphabet Soup Land; AA vs. CRNA vs. M...":

What a load..I love the pilot analogy. I'm an experiened airline and I guess that I hold people's lives in my hand daily....I have a serious problem with a nurse (CRNA) performing my anesthesia; I want a physician (anesthesiologist).. My family includes advance-practice nurses (NP, one CRNA and several physicians)...and until I needed cancer surgery, I could care less about the initials follong the name.......BUT, MY SURGEON SAYS "I WON'T HAVE A NURSE ADMINISTER MY ANESTHESIA AND I WONT LET A CRNA ADMINISTER YOUR ANESTHESIA. Unfortunately the CRNA communits inclused "militant" members who think that nursing (CRNA) is the same as practicing medicine. This is a dangerous farce.....

Thank you anonymous. I am feeling rather drained by my sparring with those "militant' members who feel that I should be shut up at all costs. Instead, of course, of looking at how we got here in the first place...

I am just a truck driver, but I would hazard a guess that I have saved at LEAST a hundred people's lives. I have probably saved at least a thousand from horrible injury, and many more from merely having a car wreck. I watch them, I make allowances for them, I give them MY right of way, rather than "arguing" with them. If they want my space that bad that they are willing to commit suicide on MY vehicle, then they can have their own way. Go for it baby, I concede. I don't want to be a party to it. This is how I have managed to put on MILLIONS of miles in every kind of weather without incident. Thinking of it another way, I have saved these people from Versed! How many of them would have had their mental processes turned into disarray ON TOP of the injuries sustained by fighting a one sided battle with a semi truck?

As for your surgeon not wanting you or himself to have a nurse anesthetist, my stepfather (the Doctor) feels that way as well. He is a champion of nurses, just not those nurses. I heard, but have not verified that one of the hospitals where he sends patients is no longer using CRNA's. They had too many problems associated with them... Like I said, I need to verify this, and then I will either print a retraction or name the hospital.

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