Sunday, July 18, 2010

Craigslist Warning

No this isn't from me. Some other poor soul has been poisoned and probably had their entire life changed by Versed and the unheeding "professionals" who advocate the use of this poison. Of course they don't TELL the patients about it...

"If you are going to have oral surgery or a colonoscopy you need to Google this first. Type in Versed Read down through the pages and you will see how dangerous the drug Versed is. It is especially dangerous to young people or old people. It is widely used during colonoscopy and in most oral surgeons offices because they want to RUSH you through instead of going slow like they should!. If you feel pain you will not be able to complain and they hope you won't remember it. If you tell the Gastro Doc you don't want sedation he will refuse to do the exam because he wants to rush you through, GREATLY increasing the chance that your bowels could be perforated! It makes more money that way. These medical people DO NOT CARE about you! Its about money. Uninformed consent is NOT consent!
This drug has a 10% serious problem rate. That is astronomical! Many people have been seriously damaged by this drug that should be outlawed. Your doctor will most likely NEVER admit he is going to inject you with it and he will use trickery and lies to use it. He surely will NEVER tell you that the drug is designed to cause amnesia and force you to be compliant! If you wish to forget everything that should be YOUR CHOICE! No doctor or nurse would EVER allow themselves to be given it. THEY KNOW what the bad effects are!! PLEASE- Google it before you get that IV. In most cases you do NOT need to be fully sedated but they don't want any noise or complaints from you. You could just take a valium or another type of pill before. IV sedation costs around 360.00. They make more money that way. They will tell you "we do this to everyone".
You want to be next?"

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