Friday, July 9, 2010

More From The Comments

For my more sensitive friends be careful. These comments are more from the attitude of "I'm so perfect, you are crazy" that we are all so used to. Obviously these singularly egotistical people cannot see what we are telling them because they are in total and absolute denial. Read my post on "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" if you haven't already done so. These items PROVE MY POINT! I'm glad they can't see it (part of the disorder) as it just gives credence to what I say.

M has left a new comment on your post "Please Explain This Comment! Anybody?":

What a clueless rant. ( Yes of course, anybody who doesn't think you are God incarnate is clueless, and anybody who puts forth a legitimate gripe is "ranting.")

Anesthesia is LEGALLY the practice of both Medicine and Nursing. It is medicine when an anesthesiologist does it and NURSING when a CRNA does it. That goes back 70 years to the dagmar/nelson case which is what made this law. ( OMG talk about circular reasoning! OK cupcake, if *I* conk somebody on the head or use that "Redeye" and a "leather strap to bite on" as another of your ilk suggested, I guess that makes ME an anesthetist! Oh yeah I would be practicing medicine without a license. And since *I* follow the law, *I* can't do that. But I can do without the "nursing" that you have to offer.)

If you want to make absolutely incorrect statements as well as defamatory ones about my profession you had better have you FACTS right. 90% of what you post here is incorrect. (Truth hurts doesn't it? What 90% are you talking about anyway? You mean where the arrogant anesthesia NURSE got cocky and went against everything I told him? The part where my surgery looked like it was performed by the janitor? The part where nobody asked me if I wanted an amnesia and obedience drug, or told me what their evil plans were, contrary to law? If you didn't want people making "defamatory" statements, then maybe you should behave yourself and realize that you are not omnipotent. Start acting like an adult instead of a petulant child. Pretend for just a few minutes a day that your patients might have some input, and that you don't know everything and everybody. What I really want to know is the 10% of the "FACTS" that I got right! I want to hear about those. Seriously I do.)

Sad. (Yes it is very sad what medicine or nursing or whatever the hell anesthesia is these days has come to.)

I saved the best for last.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Please Explain This Comment! Anybody?":

It is so sad that you suffered so much brain damage sometime in your life. That brain damage has impaired your ability to think logically, to understand reality and to intellectually understand accurate, scientifically based information. (If you had read this blog, you would realize that I am indeed claiming brain damage. I GOT IT FROM BEING INJECTED WITH VERSED BY AN APPALLINGLY ARROGANT ANESTHESIA NURSE WITH DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR (in my opinion) AND THE AMAZING SELF PROCLAIMED ABILITY TO READ MINDS AND "KNOW WHAT'S BEST" FOR PEOPLE WHOM HE HAS NEVER MET BEFORE IN HIS LIFE. VERSED DOES EXACTLY WHAT YOU MENTION ABOVE DOESN'T IT? ) Also your statement above proves my point about you people, So spare me the pitiful little attempt to demean me. I have heard it all before in the PACU, the OR and since.. FYI, I do think logically, I have a VERY firm grasp of reality which you yourself seem to lack. Otherwise you wouldn't be on here defending the indefensible. What accurate, scientifically based information do you refer to? Your ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE that Versed is just marvy for every single person in the world? Get a grip. The reality is that not all of us want this drug. The reality is that there are people in health care who take this tack if somebody disagrees with them. I kinda feel sorry for you... Kinda. On the other hand this attitude is the one which got me harmed in the hospital. If you think that saying these things in a public forum makes you anesthesia nurses look good, who has the problem with reality? For anybody else reading this KNOW THAT THIS IS THE ATTITUDE OF YOUR ANESTHESIA NURSE. IF YOU OBJECT IN ANY WAY, THIS IS HOW YOU WILL BE TREATED!!!!

I have found it impossible to argue with drunks, drug addicts and mentally impaired people, so I won't waste my time. What is unfortunate is that there are some people who will read your rants and not understand your mental illness. (Obviously you ARE wasting you time arguing with me aren't you? You just can't stand it that anybody would take exception to anything that you do. You seem to have more issues than I have. You are using the oldest trick in the book... Blame the victim. Get over yourself. *MY* mental illness? LOLOL I'm angry that a nurse would so far forget himself as to force treatment on me against my will and with a notoriously bad drug such as Versed. There is nothing strange about that. If one person reads this and can prevent the brain damage I suffered from Versed and the enormous amounts of it I got to gain compliance, then that's good. Go read or then tell me how wonderful Versed is. You can also help me to understand why you people routinely break the law as it pertains to informed consent HMMMM? Also please tell me about how you can diagnose that I have a mental illness that would make whatever I say suspect? Could it be more of that mind reading stuff like my CRNA imagined he could do? I am dying to hear it! Really. PTSD isn't a psychosis as far as I know, but then YOU my dear know everything about me don't you, so write back and tell me all about it. Then I can accuse you of practicing psychiatry without a license! There is really nothing that you don't know is there?)

Please seek help before you harm more people. (LOLOLOL *I* am harming people by warning them about anesthesia nurses who have a very bad drug which THEY love and to hell with what the patient wants and *I* am the bad guy? Please explain exactly HOW I am harming these people? I'm not the one injecting people with a drug simply to make my job easier. You are not allowed to use chemical restraint for the ease of the staff, this is against the law. You anesthesia whatevers who are shooting up patients without proper consent are the lawbreakers. I wish I could say CRIMINALS, but for now, apparently this kind of devious behavior is not criminal, just illegal. (civil code)

Send from a compassionate, certified registered nurse anesthetist, who administers anesthesia daily to VIP patients, surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists and your average person. I have awards, accolades, gifts, letters and kind words from patients all of the time for the great anesthesia experience. Also, I have had midazolam many times and am rational, able to communicate, publish books, raise a family and lead a normal life. (I am happy for you and your patients. I am concerned that you would brag about receiving Versed. Have you read my post where I opine that bright people are affected that worst? Do you think you have a high IQ? If so are you an IQ snob who feels disdain for others who are not as bright? I mention again the "Narcissistic Personality Disorder." Look at how you describe YOURSELF. Compare that to how you in your infinite mercy and wisdom describe ME. Do you think that self aggrandizement will help make your case? You are displaying exactly the kind of insufferably rude, haughty, arrogant, unsympathetic, aggressive and disdainful behavior that I am talking about. Can you see how bad this makes you look? Never mind coming on here and saying "We are not all bad. You got a "rogue" CRNA and he should be reported... blah blah blah, I am so wonderful and all my patients LOVE me..." but you are not doing that are you? You are verbally attacking me instead. You are proving my point and you can't see it. Bizarre!

If I told you not to give me any sedation type drugs, that I have paradoxical reactions to g/a that are very unpleasant for everybody concerned, me especially, if I categorically declined those things and my surgery is easily done with a block, Fentanyl (tourniquet pain) and a nausea med, what would you do? Would you do as Aaron did and give me a simple "muscle relaxant" IE "Vitamin V" aka Versed/Midazolam (no other info on "Vitamin V") and then proceed with everything else I told you not to do?

Think for a minute... I have paradoxical reactions to g/a drugs. I fight, I wake up strapped down and struggling, I suffer depression and anxiety FROM THE DRUGS. My hair falls out. I don't heal very well after g/a. If I have BAD RESPONSES to drugs which alter my brain chemistry, do you think that I would respond really well to an amnesia and obedience drug? REALLY? Nurse I had 2, count them, open reductions on my femur without g/a and without Versed. I had a bone graft during one of them and since I was awake I was able to sign an additional "informed consent" right there in the OR. What if I had Versed first, what then? Would you go right on ahead without consent, like Aaron felt comfortable doing? Or would you take the hours it takes to wait for Versed to clear my bloodstream so that I could actually give consent and then have to either reschedule or do the whole thing again? Or would you say like Aaron did that once sedated I gave my consent by "not objecting" any more? (Actually he entirely left out that I was sedated when I "didn't object." I say that means that he was cognizent of guilt because he CONCEALED that fact. He also didn't point to an "informed consent" document. Maybe because there wasn't one of those either?) If I can handle all of that without being knocked out, what the hell are you people thinking messing around with a person like me? (for a stupid wrist surgery in which the best results are obtained by DOING IT THE WAY I WANTED IT!) You wonder why I'm angry and I'm denigrating your little profession? If you presume that you are so perfect, (you're not or you would be able to empathise with what I was subjected to in the guise of care.) look around you! Do you really think that ALL of you are perfect? Many of you, SOME of you, a very few of you? You blame *ME* for having a bad reaction to Versed, which you have seen, don't lie, and for taking exception to the high handed and illegal way I was treated? Does that seem sane to you? I'm the insane one? I'm to blame? You are kidding me.

My surgery is best performed with a block etc. like I requested. Look it up or I have it here on my blog. Would you let me sign out AMA for my broken arm if you KNEW that you were going to do exactly what I told you not to? Or would you have given me that freakin Versed and FORCED medical treatment on me? Please tell me that you would NEVER, EVER have treated one of your patients like I was treated...

(Help from where and help with what exactly? I don't trust anybody in the medical profession any more. I have a chemically induced anxiety disorder now along with PTSD from the chemical coercion of Versed and the full knowledge of what the nurse thought of me. I was totally helpless to stop him, or make him shut the hell up and keep his nasty little opinions and snotty little remarks to himself. He HUMILIATED me with the full laughter of a complicit nursing staff and Dr. He deliberately and I believe maliciously injected me with a brain disabling drug to DEFY my wishes. "No patient is going to TELL ME what I can or cannot do to them" is exactly what he seems to have been thinking. Subsequent conversations with his holiness pretty much confirmed this. From your own comments this is still my belief. This is not normal behavior. It really isn't. Can't you see that?)

To all you nurses on your high horse because I detest you, don't ever act as if the patient has amnesia, so you can say and do things that they would find humiliating and/or shocking. Especially if the patient warns you that they are hard to anesthetize. Just a thought...

What would have helped is to have a NURSE, any one of them (or even YOU, NOW) that was in on the Versed thing SPEAK UP! Inform me that after everything I had said that Versed was absolutely, categorically the wrong drug. It would have helped if ANY ONE of the 18 or so people who were involved in my care had spoken up in my defense or told me what "Vitamin V" really was. It would have helped if one single person had one single ounce of compassion, or at least a healthy regard for the law. It would have helped if after I was turned into a compliant piece of meat that at the very least g/a should have been out of the question, I FORBADE IT, along with any drug which would incapacitate me! What were they thinking? Oh yeah, you nurses in your magnificent perfection "know what's best" for the illogical, unreasonable, mentally unbalanced, harmful, unscientific, drunken, drug addicted (pick your favorite disparaging adjective) patient regardless of what they say. That's what you are telling us! This should never have happened to me. Add to that the horrible outcome of the surgery and there you have it.

Again I state; This should never have happened to me. There is NO excuse. None. To come on here and disparage ME is the height of hypocrisy. You don't "know what's best" for me at all. You may know what's best for the billing dept. You may know what's best for YOU and what makes your job easier, but you DON'T know what's best for *me* and others like me. I can't believe that as smart as you all think you are, that you can't grasp this concept. It's unbelievable and one of the reasons I looked up mental disorders and found one that seems to fit. "Narcissistic Personality Disorder." "PLEASE GET HELP." Your future patients will thank you for it.

PS The more you people come on here and say mean, horrible, nasty things to me, the more you solidify in my mind that you guys are all bad. Every single one of you. Instead of assuring me (and those people you accuse me of "harming") that this kind of thing described here in graphic detail is NOT business as usual, instead you attack me again! You don't come on here and try to reassure patients that you are not all cold callous monsters. Oh hell no, you come on here and act like exactly what I accuse you of. YOU YOURSELF ARE HARMING PEOPLE BY DOING THIS! Instead of calming our fears about being injected with Versed you go on rants against me and by inference ALL of us who hate Versed and are upset by it's use, and who have suffered from PTSD and anxiety disorders as a direct result of it. If you were REALLY concerned about the poor folks that I may be alarming (and keeping YOU from being able to use your fun drug on) you wouldn't be on here displaying your hatred for all to see. You don't give a damn about those who come to this site and get "harmed." Otherwise you would be doing your very best to alleviate our concerns and prove to us that you really do care about your patients. Not trotting out tired old accusations. Your attitude displayed here for all to see is what's harmful. How can we ever trust you people? Some nurse.


  1. Neveragin: I'm surprized at the callous attitudes of the "nurses" who post here. Patients are damaged by drugs everyday. Basically is a patient says that they hadmemory loss, amnesia, PTSD then I assume that they did. I see a lot of damage from a lack of informed consent; ie: sign this so we can keep you comfy mention of amnesia etc. This is bad. I personally dislike midazolam and so do most anesthesiologists; it's a minor drug that gets thrown into the mix (often by nurses) who don't know what they are doing. I have administered it rarely, never as a single agent. I have had multiple procedures and surgeries without midazolam. About a year ago, I accidently shot myself in the foot with a speargun in Hawaii; painful but not a big deal. The ER team knew my credentials and I asked to be awake and aware for the removal. After a Bier Block and a lot of pulling and tugging, no luck. Propofol was unavailable (recall) and I wasnt' doing GA. The ER doc explained the midazolam amnesia exactly right, acknowledged that this was going to be painful and that it was probably better not to remember it. I have 30 years as a physician and normally would avoid this drug but consented to it because I knew exactly what I was getting into. It worked well, not great but o.k. I sympathize with your midazolam experience and it burns me up that this could have been avoided if you were properly consented. Midazolam isn't awful if you are told the truth about why it's being used. More than one of my physician collegues self-administer midazolam and are quite addicted to it for the sedative effect. Try to realize that many healthcare people appear to be uncaring (some are) when they rush thru a consent process; most are genuine in their belief that they are doing you a faor when they lie to you about the amnesitic benzos like midazolam. I hate it, my wife (a surgeon) loves it for her own procedures. And she's smarter than I am. You have a right to be angry, just try not to let it ruin your life. List it as an allergy (causes hives) and you are set. Don't go into a midazolam rant because they won't take you seriously. Personally, I believe your story. It's all too common. God Bless.

  2. You are a nut lady, a complete NUT CASE! No wonder you couldnt win in court, you are insane!!!!! Wow, I'm scared to meet you in a dark hallway at night, do you even work now? Or do you just suck off the welfare system in the USA and blog all day about shit no one cares about...I wish I could slap you across the face you nut

  3. Please see my response to the above comment in the post; More from "More From The Comments". I love juicy little ad hominem attacks from people that I can write about in another post.