Friday, July 23, 2010

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You are a nut lady, a complete NUT CASE! No wonder you couldnt win in court, you are insane!!!!! Wow, I'm scared to meet you in a dark hallway at night, do you even work now? Or do you just suck off the welfare system in the USA and blog all day about shit no one cares about...I wish I could slap you across the face you nut

Yet another comment designed to make patients comfortable with anesthesia providers and with Versed. I will answer the questions though. No I'm not on welfare. I never have been on welfare. Yes I have a job, even in this economy. (If I wasn't working I would get "unemployment insurance payments" surely you've heard of those? Those are the ones that *I* and my employer pay for.) I'm actually quite popular at work if you must know. Of course if you had been able to read more, maybe you would have already known this... I don't know what this has to do with having a bad reaction to Versed, or taking exception to the poor quality of workmanship exhibited in my "care," but I guess it has some correlation in this person's little mind. Hate Versed=Welfare Queen. Not in this world. Tell me anonymous, what color is the sky on your planet?

As for the comment "shit that no one cares about" how did you come up with this pearl of wisdom? Oh, you must be in anesthesia. Those people can read minds. They KNOW what everybody wants, is thinking, needs and cares about. Soorrryyy! Also of note is the use of profanity in a pathetic attempt to shock. Try again.

I want to know how you arrive at the "you are insane" comment as well. I guess everybody is insane if they don't like Versed? Why would you care anyway? You are on here reading, are you obsessed with Versed and the people who don't want it or what?

If you are an anesthesia provider, I want everybody to see that you want to get physically violent with me! "I wish I could slap you across the face you nut" Why? Nobody knows because you, my dear, have not explained your position. If you want to spew venom that's fine. It would be nice if you would at least clue us all in on what your problem is... We are waiting with bated breath! Why would you want to assault me? What could you possibly hope to accomplish with that slap? Would being able to slap me make you feel better? I can assure you that having you slap me wouldn't change my mind about anything, so, this would be for your pathological need to dominate? Is this to satisfy your craving to create fear or awe in patients? Do you have problems with anger management? Did you tear the wings off of flies in your youth or drown kittens? Abuse your significant other? Were you beaten as a child? I'm just trying to find some basis for this off the wall statement.

Once again our anesthesia providers resort to pejoratives to describe the stupid patients. My God, these stupid "nut case" patients want to be treated like human beings and want their surgery and anesthesia to be carefully done! The gall! They must all be nut cases! (Oddly in the Spokane area there is a radio ad specifically about anesthesia. I am thinking that I will go to that hospital if I ever need surgery again. Anesthesia is getting to be a big deal what with all the horror stories about Versed and CRNA's.)

FYI, sweet cakes, you have every reason to be "afraid to meet me in a dark hallway at night" if you are an anesthesia nurse. Trust me, I would love nothing more than to meet one of you anesthesia providers in a dark hallway at night and especially have you strike me in the face. I would clean your clock. Self defense. YOU go to jail. That is you would go to jail AFTER the ER got done fixing you back up! I have my fantasies too you nasty little sadist! Bring it ON! E-mail me at, and I'll tell you where to find me... I'll give you every opportunity to slap me, hell I'll even turn the other cheek. Let me know when you want me to take you up on that slap! Not that I'm into masochism, let's just say that I harbor some resentment about being treated like I was some kind of sub human life form, and it would be nice to have an outlet! I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

I lost my case on a technicality which is what 99% of people who are harmed by medical personnel have found. This is exactly why we are being treated like cattle and patient rights laws are not being followed. There is a singular lack of enforcement in the medical community and this has created a problem with medical treatment. Sloppiness and carelessness are the norm now and not the exception simply because the laws aren't enforced and there is no recourse. Believe me if there were consequences for criminal behavior inside the medical community we would be seeing a lot less harmful treatment.

Please look at the x rays and see if you think I might not have liked what was done to me. Not only was I poisoned against my will, the surgery was badly done. I also have permanent nerve damage, permanent numbness, permanent loss of grip etc. that obviously don't show up on the shocking xrays. See if you can follow; I laid out very clear parameters to my medical treatment. I'm terribly sorry if this is too much for anesthesia providers to handle, but that's life get over it. My instructions CLEARLY were not followed and I was FORCED to have medical treatment in excess of what I had allowed. That arouses my ire, as it would anybody else. The janitor or WHOEVER was able to perform my surgery due entirely to my mentally unhinged (in my opinion) nurse deciding unilaterally that he wanted me to have g/a and sedation. IF MY STUPID CRNA HAD FOLLOWED MY PRECISE INSTRUCTIONS I WOULD NOT HAVE HAD THIS SURGERY! (it still amazes me that a highly trained professional couldn't follow simple instruction.) Or conversely, my Dr. would not have substituted a janitor for himself or maybe would have been more careful. Seriously I have my suspicions that Travis, the PA was allowed to perform the surgery. No real surgeon would have done such a piss poor job would they? The way my anesthesia was done (botch job) it just may be that surgeons are doing stuff like this botch job on my ORIF distal radius. But according to my illustrious poster above, I have no reason to be angry or upset! I must be CRAZY! lololol, yeah right.

I'm waiting in breathless anticipation for our upcoming face slap meeting! Oh, how about broad daylight outside in a public place. Since you are terrified of meeting me in a dark hallway at night, I'll make it easy on you! Or is this just another pathetic empty threat from an anesthesia provider, unhappy that patients want to prohibit the use of their precious drug of choice Versed/Midazolam?

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