Monday, July 12, 2010


Most people will tell you that you have to "earn" their respect. For some reason I have the opposite viewpoint. People have to "earn" my DISrespect. For all you anesthesia nurses who think that I should still automatically accord you any respect, like if you were QE2 or something, guess again! You people started out with 100% of my respect. I treated my CRNA Aaron with respect. I treated the nurses and my doctor with respect. Unfortunately it was a one way street. None of them had a shred of respect for me, sooo...

I have demoted them far beyond disrespect into active animosity. I have nothing but disdain for them, their profession, their pathetic little ego problems, well, you get my drift. You people are worse than pond scum because you are so DANGEROUS! You think you are all that and you're not, that's scary stuff people.

Worse yet are all the crazy comments I get here on this blog and I have seen them all over the net. Anesthesia nurses posturing, preening, whining about respect from Dr's., other nurses, the stupid patients etc., but what are YOU doing to either earn our respect or in my case salvage what respect I formerly had for you? Do you really think that you are that special? Without Versed you can't even do your job. I don't think you CARE if you can do things like NERVE BLOCKS properly because you get to hide behind the Versed amnesia. You don't even know how to respond to people who don't want this poison. The only thing you can think of is ATTACK the veracity of anybody who doesn't want this drug. Are you afraid that we will see through you? We may actually see how little training you actually have.... Half done nerve blocks, anesthesia awareness because you were to busy laughing at your patient or gossiping about the good looking intern instead of doing your job, botched pain relief, etc.

There is a reason (or many of them) why you people are so desperate to use Versed and it isn't for patient care. I have said this before and I will keep saying it until you people start admitting that Versed is your GFY drug. A lot of your patients are telling you that they don't like Versed. You don't want to give up the very thing that prevents anybody from discovering how inept you are, so you go right on the offensive, and we patients find this behavior offensive.

If you want that respect you are all pining for and prattling about, try acting in a respectable fashion. There has been nothing to respect from most of the people who come on here and leave vitriolic "comments." Do respectable people come on somebodies blog and leave diatribes about patients replete with profanity? Correct answer; NO THEY DON'T. You anesthesia people have EARNED my disrespect. AND you are hellbent on keeping it that way! Brilliant. You are so smart! NOT.

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