Friday, July 23, 2010

Liar, liar, pants on fire! (I can be childish too)

This post is from this site; Sedation-Free Colonoscopy: Why Isn’t It the Standard? Gut Check on Gastroenterology I have seen Gareth's posts in other places, but his experience is telling and dovetails nicely into what I am saying about Versed misuse and abuse of patients with this drug. The lies and deceit boggle the mind. I am italicizing again...

Gareth says:

It makes me sad to say, but the GI docs insist on sedation because it makes their job easier and faster, not for the patient’s benefit. Most of the world does these exams unsedated and they are fine. Google versed horror stories and tell me that any thinking person (This would include me. Sorry anesthesia nurses, lying to yourselves about my alleged lack of intellect doesn't work) would consent to versed. 6 local GI doc’s told me it was imperative that I get a colonoscopy (FAP), but when they saw that I was allergic to versed and propofol, all said “too bad, we can’t slow things down to do an unsedated exam (and a lot of docs get theirs unsedated; they don’t want the memory loss)…..I’m sick of the USA medical system and wish that my daughter would drop out of medical school, but she’s still under the illusion that docs help people. The last GI doc that told me that she wouldn’t do an unsedated exam was a gem; when I politely walked out of her office (after she told me an unsedated exam was impossible), she followed me into the parking lot and agreed to do the exam unsedated; in fact, she had her own colonoscopy unsedated! She knows my terrible family history and seemed to care that I get this needed exam; she is a sweetheart, but when she grabbed my arm and asked me why I wouldn’t do the exam (unsedated), she didn’t understand the answer: you lied to me repeatedly about the sedation and I wouldn’t want a liar involved in my medical care. I’ll take my risk with colon cancer.

Here's another from Colonoscopy blog: Do you want conscious sedation?Anonymous said...

Never again will I ever allow anyone put Versed I me for any reason! I was lied to by the Dr about sedation "putting me to sleep" even though I know now it really causes amnesia. Exactly one hour after after the colonoscopy was complete I was put out the door and I found myself at home having never even seen or talked to anyone again at the hospital after the drug was put in me. I delt with panic attacks every day for over a year after that drug was used on me. I was 51 at the time and I had never had a panic attack before that in my life. I know now that anyone allowing Versed to be put in them had better know and fully trust their Dr and hospital, because Versed gives no pain relief and the amnesia it causes is strictly for the Dr and hospitals benefit. It allows them to maintain a schedule and to go as fast as they want even to the point of hurting you. They know you will never remember what was done to you and if you do have a problem or reaction to the drug once they get you out the door it is your problem now not theirs.

Here's another one from the same site;

Anonymous said...

nursind duse said it all" nevery agree to colonoscopy nder Versed...the amneis is fleeeting, haunting and I still have nightmares about ebing lied to about this drug, I met with m GI doc,he said that the had it and thought that "it was fine"........I asked him if I could verify this (I'm a hospital computer specialst), so I punched up his recent colonoscpy on STENTOR ( a records storeage system) and sure enough, his was with a miimal dose of painkiller (fentanyl)-no verded, no propofol..but it's what e told me tha the had.........I asked him to document tohis deceit in my medical record (he did!) then asked me sheepishl is I would complain/sue..I said no, told him I was disappointed and left. Incredibly, they mailed me the prep and expect me to ge the exam next week. I told him that I wold not trust him to ash my car,

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