Sunday, August 28, 2011

Versed Sufferer; Contact Nader!

Here's an e-mail I got from another Versed sufferer. She happens to have other life threatening physical problems and can't really avoid medical treatment... Here's what she writes.

"I was also on the most recently recalled pills, ACTOS for diabetes but the attorney taking the cases was only taking the ones that ALREADY developed the bladder cancer and that usually requires 1 year of actos treatment, i have only been on it for about 5 or 6 months!

I have been posting on all alzheimers and autism boards for the families to get the medical records and check to see if their family members were treated with midazolam {MOST pre-term babies and sick babies {no matter the sickness} are automatically treated with midz during their ENTIRE hospital stay}

Why would you need compliance hypnosis or amnesia for a baby born at 7 months??? it affects the same part of the brain that causes alzheimers. Perhaps a way to control the future generations? I have been posting it on every site so pass this info along, they should all start calling Ralph Nader, it is the class action group that is doing the research on this drug as well as the first group I talked to was a drug litigation group for Nader.

So if this crap never leaves our system and months and years later some of us are still fighting the effects, after starting to get better I am regressing and freaking out again, not being able to think of words and not being able to read or write correctly can't spell, like halfway to aphasia I am scared shitless. I am on my way to a state or county nursing home where they feed you versed every day in a pill to make sure you go fast---you know, using up the resources and the mind rape and this planned euthanasia for our age group.

Please post Nader's # for folks and the website, his # for the groups is listed at the bottom of the page:

Public Citizen Home Page ,

Main office

Headquarters for: Member Services, Health Research Group, Litigation Group and Communications Office
1600 20th Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20009
(202) 588-1000

we NEED to flood his office non stop to get this shit going, explain to me why a 7 month term baby needs amnesia and compliance hypnosis? What is the baby going to do to obey? Stop crying? turn over when told? Hold their arm out and be still to get their iv put in?

I am also thinking of starting a campaign to call the white house and demand that Obama do something about versed, it's other forms and the FDA immediately."


I have already tried calling the WH. The gentleman there (volunteer) told me that he thinks that the reason they use Versed so much in a medical setting is that medical people are "only trying to avoid malpractice suits." So avoiding malpractice suits brought by people who object to mistreatment and/or torture is a perfectly acceptable reason to destroy peoples' brains. I feel really sorry for medical people, don't you?

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