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I am re-printing one of the latest posts from here; Midazolam Sedation Is Not ALWAYS Safe - Forum Thread Page 2 I am absolutely guaranteeing that this is exactly what will happen if ANYBODY tries to give me Versed again... I was violent and dangerous in the PACU from Versed and if I hadn't been so shocked and surprised when I was injected with "Vitamin V" the simple muscle relaxant, I would have become violent in the preop area. The duplicity and anti social behavior required to attack somebody with this kind of drug against their will is shocking. I had no idea. Now that I know the score, the minute I can't speak anything but gibberish, or I feel a deep burning desire to obey, WATCH OUT! I mean it. I will lash out violently, anybody near me will be fair game as you all will be in collusion to drug me with a drug which I will clearly state beforehand, is unacceptable in any amount and for any reason. Not a single molecule of Versed is to be injected into my body. There will be no confusion, just as there was no confusion the first time. But I'm on to you people now. Anyway, here's the post.

Given Versed Without Consent
posted by mike on 12 July 2011 at 5:33 pm
I specifically told my gastro doc that I didn't want Versed since so many of my nurse friends have horror stories about this drug. Just before my procedure, an arrogant nurse told me that "everyone gets Versed" and argued with me about my choice. Without any consideration for my consent, she started to push the Versed into my IV and I grabbed her hand, but she tried to inject the rest. The test was never done and by the time my double vision cleared, my heart was racing and everyone was in a panic...the endo suite was a wreck. I have never been violent, but I remember holding the nurse by the hair and punching her repeatedly in the face....evidently for quite some time. Everyone kept telling me not to worry (she was pretty banged up), it was her fault for violating my wishes. I had my hand x-rayed and got an appointment for the hand clinic. This was terrifying for me; the nurse was home for 2 weeks and nobody would tell me how badly she was hurt..just that it wasn't my fault. Nice drug. The doc told me that she needed some sense knocked into her..I felt badly until I had the Versed nightmares. I found out that she had a broken zygoma(?) some bone in her face.

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