Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I found a little nugget here; ASA: Patients demand physicians provide anesthesia care At the very bottom is an obvious crna extolling the virtues and perfection of, well, crna's of course. Here's the statement that I find disturbing...

"But most important - the American public believes that their attending surgeon is probably in the OR..." This is from "NShort"

How many times have I said that I am not sure that my alleged surgeon is who actually performed my crude surgery. Given the amount of nerve damage and all those screws sticking out everywhere, I have often (almost) jokingly claimed that the janitor tried his/her hand at ORIF distal Radius surgery. I am not convinced 100% that a janitor DIDN'T do the surgery. The surgical outcome for my arm doesn't demonstrate even a basic level of skill.

If I had had my instructions followed and had been given the nerve block, pain meds and nausea meds as I PRESCRIBED I would have known who was performing my surgery wouldn't I? But no, I am not allowed to dictate to these superior beings what is acceptable to me! Well, my outcome is not acceptable to me either.

Medical people, I detailed that IF the extremely dangerous and unpredictable axillery block (according to the crna/phony MDA) didn't work, they had my instructions to perform an additional block (Bier) or use lidocaine, procaine or whatever to infuse the area of surgery. That's it. NO conversion to G/A! Not only did I get everything that was expressly forbidden, my surgery was so poorly performed that I will never completely believe that an actual doctor did it.

Now I see the quote above and I wonder; What the Hell are you people doing? Do we patients have to demand a video tape of our surgery? Really? What a bunch of scum-bags you are if this type of patient oversight is required! Stop trying to give us amnesia so you can substitute beginners for doctors! Stop trying to give us amnesia so that you can "obtain consent" from drugged out people! Obviously patient monitoring and recording is REQUIRED to make sure you guys are doing the right thing.

I am not a training cadaver. Whomever *I* decide will do the surgery MUST do the surgery. Interns, residents, PA's and janitors can get somebody else. Another thing, if *I* am going to be used as the training cadaver, then I demand a huge reduction of rates, or maybe these trainees should be paying me a fee for use of my body as a training tool. I would be taking unnecessary risks by allowing trainees to work on my body and I believe I should be entitled to some kind of remuneration for this. If my surgeon chooses to be golfing when he is supposed to be performing my surgery, I need to know this and I certainly won't expect to PAY THIS PERSON, for work performed by somebody else.

What an alarming statement this piece of work made. And apparently HE has no problem at all with this kind of thing going on wherever HE works. So all that crap we've been given about the safety of numbers of people working together in a medical situation are bogus. They are all in collusion to rob us of our money, rights, dignity and health etc. aren't they?

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