Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another Patient Is Assaulted With Versed

WHAT DO WE PATIENTS HAVE TO DO TO AVOID THIS DRUG? Here is the post, also to be seen in situ.

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"I feel like I have found a place I feel safe, here. On July 19 I had an upper scope and was not informed about any of the medications I was going to be given. Simply told something to put me out. Right before the needle going into the IV I asked what it was and was told versed. I had been told I would have a conversation with the doctor but would not remember it. This alone concerned and scared me. Why talk to me if you already know I won't remember?! Woke aggitated and combative to a nurse telling me "don't be that way". Two weeks later scheduled for colonoscopy. Told doctor office no versed, told admitting nurse, no versed, told pre op nurse, no versed so she listed it as an allergy. Told endo nurse no versed. She says they are limited as to what they have access to "over there". This is odd since this is a huge hospital. When doctor came in both nurse and I tell him no versed. He is angry and asks why. I explain it messes with my memory for a few days afterwards and I don't like having conversations and not remembering. He pressures me with threat of cancel of test and having to do prep all over. I feel coerced into accepting versed but I agreed only if they would administer slowly so I could remain somewhat alert. I remember about two minutes of procedure and then I black out. I wake half way through procedure in extreme pain crying out and begging for help. Doctor does not acknowledge my concerns. I think he was depending on versed to wipe out my memory, it hurt too much for that to happen. Next day pain is so severe I go to ER to check for perforated bowel which luckily I did not have. Doc says pain is from rough treatment and I am put on percocet for 36 hours. Doctors office calls four days later wanting to see me for follow up and I tell them no way I am afraid of the doctor. He then calls back and tells me he did good by me and I received a fair amount of medication. I feel raped. This man had all the power and used it to hurt me beyond belief and accepts no responsibility. All my records now list versed as an allergy. I urge everyone to make sure they do the same. Life for me is a daily battle to regain trust and get back to the person I once was."

Just so that you medical types know; There is NO EXCUSE for this behavior. None. Not for drugging this poor person against their will, using coercion to get them to accept a drug which they already knew was a bad one, and not for treating them to unecessary roughness because they had partial amnesia. All of what this patient recounts is very bad behavior on the part of medical personnel, no matter the letters behind the name. MD shouldn't mean cruel and unusual punishment. MD shouldn't mean carte blanche to torture and threaten "Let me do what I want or else." To claim, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, that what this person received constitutes "good treatment" is obscene and disgusting.

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  1. I sit here in tears in relief that someone is understanding what happened. Just yesterday I had a doctor who knew the colonoscopy beast tell me I could not trust my memory of the bad events because the versed makes you remember incorrectly. You don't imagine pain so bad it sends you to bed with percocets for nearly two days. I had another doctor tell me a colonoscopy is a brutal procedure and chastise me for not readly accepting all the versed they would give me no matter how much memory I lost. He said it was worth it to him to lose a couple days memory. Why don't they treat the pain and not just try to keep you from remembering it?