Thursday, August 25, 2011

An E-mail

I got this e-mail from a friend of mine who has also been the victim of Versed. This was in response to a certain person who comes here (and everywhere I've been apparently) and swears at me, takes exception to my dislike of Versed etc. He thinks he is all that, but I am not the only person who objects to his graphic language and quasi-literate rants. (Yes we do talk about this stuff behind medical people's backs...)

"Oh, Jackie: What an example of a person working in health "care". I have been seriously disgusted before, but this is a new low. Apparently he has never been held accountable for his behavior.
Of course, I am astounded by the hostility that would drive continuous attacks like this. It is also amazing that a person would repeatedly call you a stupid bitch when you clearly are not dim nor intellectually deprived (flowery way to say you aren't inferior in learning and expressive skills!)
While I can cuss with the best of the dock workers on Lake Erie, I must also point out that the same old insult displays a lack of thoughtful debate skills. It also indicates a deficit in awareness of the effectiveness of one's communications. (like that? learned it years ago) The intended recipient of the insult (you) will usually become immune to the intended slur after too much repetition and numerous errors. Where is his creativity if he perceives himself to be so clever? Where are his brilliantly crafted sentences? You've done some excellent writing: that must make him furious. But it didn't make him any smarter or more insightful. Helped me a great deal, though.
I still want to slap him (not creative of me) and that Mike weirdo and all the doctors and nurses that think they are the apostles of amnesia and we are anxious to be converted to their demented faith in versed. They all seem to think we former patients are overly anxious if we expect to be treated with human dignity. Right. We know this answer: we are all stupid and dumb (their beloved chemical renders us unable to speak so this is true) and therefore we deserve to be treated like rodents. Chemically caged, and rendered helpless. These are bad intentions no matter what spin Connor and his cronies want to project.
I will keep my blood vessels and colon to myself, intact and as far away from those bozos as possible.
How can they possibly question this is a set up for PTSD? I am eight months out from my abuse and still having nightmares and intrusive thoughts. I've been diagnosed. The worst part? I have the personality structure that is supposed to help people recover from trauma. What in the name of God does this drug do to people that are more vulnerable to developing the crippling after effects of trauma?
I like Gin's idea. then maybe someone would get interested in a documentary film. That would scare the crap out of people too. But I don't think they make any money either, darn it. The number of anti-versed comments isn't decreasing, that is for sure."
I feel vindicated! Thanks!

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