Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book Anybody?

A friend of mine, Gin, just suggested a possible book idea! She thinks that we should do a compilation of our horror stories and have it printed up. I wonder if it would sell? Non-fiction horror stories! She states that maybe with the profits we could hire a class action attorney to go after these lawless Versed pushing thugs in the medical field.

Anyway, Gin also suggests that we all contact Ralph Nader's group about Versed. I have done this, years ago, but along the way we Versed haters have picked up more and more "members" of our group. I think it's worth a try! Let's inundate Nader's office with complaints about Versed. Not just the horrible and long lasting damage it causes, but also the sneaky way it's used. By LAW, these people must tell you the nature of the drug, it's effects and side effects, the risks, benefits and alternatives! Anybody get ANY of this information? How many times has ANYBODY in the medical community admitted that Versed is a problem for lots of patients? NEVER?

Medical folks will defend their use of this brain poison to their dying breath. They will never admit that they are deliberately subjecting their patients to enormous risks just to make their own job easier. Like it's really hard to start with... They will never admit that they are circumventing the law as it pertains to informed consent so that they can obtain "patient compliance" and amnesia. That's illegal! Let's get something done about it!

There is no reason that we need our delicate BRAIN toyed with and wrecked so that over-paid under-worked medical people can have their way with us... Why should we have to have long term emotional and memory problems just to get a simple medical procedure done? There is no excuse for being battered by medical practitioners.

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