Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ABV Syndrome From a Reader

Here's an e-mail from an angry patient about the ABV Syndrome...

"Jackie, Good Monday....
While I was snarling at the anesthesiologist for the injection he never bothered to review with me (no "anesthesia plan" was EVER reviewed and then he tried to blame my surgeon) he just couldn't understand why I was so "unhappy". [as furious as I've ever been in my life was more like it]
Yeah, so I told him I felt he jeopardized my professional integrity by giving me an amnesia drug. He just couldn't decide if the amnesia was a desired effect or a side effect at the point when I expressed the fact I was professionally insulted by his complete lack of discussion regarding method of delivery and drugs and LIKELY reactions, length of recovery, nothing. Not a damn word about any of it. I saw the "informed consent" for about 3 seconds before the nurse insisted I sign it because they were behind schedule. I never signed a consent to treatment at the hospital: there wasn't time, so they didn't bother. No rights and responsibilities either, I now know I wasn't important enough to any of them.
They had lost control of their schedule, so it seems my scheduled surgery became a problem to them that had to be rushed.
THEY were more anxious than I was but I was the one that got the shot of brain scramble drug and paid the price in every way possible.
Also informed him I had declined colonoscopy screenings because of this very drug. I resent the very concept of drug induced amnesia for the sake of my professional integrity. I promise people I'll never repeat what they tell me: they need to feel safe. There was nothing voluntary or informed on my part about this horrible experience.
As a counselor trained to respect others and their privacy, the very idea of drug induced brain wiping (without any warning or consent) is a humanitarian offense to me. For God's sake, I'm an experienced mental health professional and a health care administrator. How could anyone imagine I would approve of such an insult?
I feel as safe around these people now as I would feel blindfolded being pushed off a roof top. Not joking, this is one of my recurring nightmares since this incident, never had it before...
I was just another billable procedure on a gurney to the substandard health care providers I encountered.
Told him I was sure I'd never have a colonoscopy now like they give in his "system". His response, "But you HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH!" This from the guy whose crna didn't titrate the injection and allowed me to sit up while I got it--- dangerous disregard of procedure and sloppy protocol, anyone? ---, the guy who had to give me "additonal reversal agents" while I was in PACU and had to order a breathing treatment for respiratory depression and never said a word to me about any of this. Not a single word of explanation and knowing I remembered nothing (oh: that's what your mean spirited questions and snide remarks were REALLY about while I complained), but this guy tells me I have to take care of my health. And he didn't even sign the PACU orders: his partner did, ten days AFTER I was discarded from the hospital. What a guy. My thought: I will take care of my health, by staying as far away from you and you health care system, crna's, syringes, and IV's as I can so I might actually avoid life threatening situations the professionals (you and your rude crna) caused me. You are the kind of people who don't want to mention to us dumb patients that we are really just another revenue source for your "smell me I'm so special" self interests.
That is who you are, Doc.
Trust YOUR advice or judgement? Not in this lifetime, Pal. Got my PTSD to keep me motivated, probably forever. And your dishonesty cinched it.

So, Jackie, there you have my rant about the wonders of versed today: wondering why the "anesthesia practitioners" have to cling to it like the only lifeboat in the Great Flood. I don't get it either.
And I can hardly wait to read what other folks send you."

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