Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Offshoot of Midazolam Poisoning, Medical COSTS

I got this in my inbox. Feeling Poorer? Health Care Bears Some Blame I have opined that Versed/Midazolam adds millions and BILLIONS (trillions over time) to the cost of health care. Everybody is getting this poison for just any little pretext. Proof is even in the people who come here to badger me! They claim Versed is safe BECAUSE it's used millions of times per day. Let's examine their claims.

The lowest estimate I have been able to find of the additional cost of sedation is $300. (this is a ridiculously LOW number! Normal is 1 or 2 THOUSAND dollars for Versed sedation.) If you multiply that $300 number by just one million, what do you get? That's PER DAY! The actual cost is much, much more at least in my case...

First on the "additional cost" list is the whiney crybaby crna. Mine cost an additional $800 dollars. These little anesthesia nurses are all over the web moaning that $250,000 a year or so isn't enough for sedating people and forcing them to submit! Then factor in the cost of your other nurse(s). That cost goes up for each level of care. So once you are sedated the medical center can charge you MORE MONEY for the same damn nurse(s). Next on the list is the ability for the care-givers to claim you gave consent for more procedures and drugs than you did. In my case the cost of G/A is a direct result of the Versed injection. This is purposeful. If they can't get permission beforehand they give you Versed so that they CAN get permission after Versed. You would probably even SIGN SOMETHING while under the influence of Versed. In my NEVER TO BE HUMBLE opinion, all of these costs are can and should be laid at the door of Versed.

I would sure like to see a study about how much our costs for medical care have accelerated since the advent of Versed! I would also like to see a true report on the additional costs associated with using a crna. After all, the cost seems to be the same whether using a nurse or an MDA and often the nurse is required by law to have an MDA "supervisor." (careful with medical terminology because "supervision" is another word which means something different to medical people than it does to us.) I believe that the number associated with just these 2 things would end in a LOT of zeros.

Ok, so what about those of us who have a severe and long lasting reaction to Versed? How much have we spent on counseling subsequent to Versed? How much have we spent on prescription drugs to combat the long term effects of Versed, PTSD, panic attacks and the like? How many people have ended up in an extended care facility or nursing home because of POCD brought on by sedation with Versed? How much does that cost? What about the loss of productivity because of the slowdown of mental accuity due to Versed? A lot of people I've talked to have lost their job because their brain never returned to their pre-Versed condition.

(Stats on iatrogenic problems here; THE LEADING CAUSE 0F DEATH IN THE US IS THE HEALTH-CARE SYSTEM I take exception to the "inadvertant" medical harm done in re Versed because medical people are INTENT on injecting Versed, so it really isn't "inadvertant" harm is it? Just think of all the extra money that the medical people rake in because of their mistakes! The charts on the above link are shocking! If you don't like the numbers on this particular site, I invite you to look at many, many other sites where the stats remain pretty much the same. I'd like to see stats on ONLY Versed, as opposed to the medication mistakes in total, by reputable post medical care investigations.)

What a windfall this Versed has turned out to be for the profit margin of medical care!

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