Thursday, August 11, 2011

Followup to Previous Post

I got this comment from the author of my previous post. I have some things to say about this one too... Imagine that!

Unknown has left a new comment on your post "Another Patient Is Assaulted With Versed":

"I sit here in tears in relief that someone is understanding what happened. Just yesterday I had a doctor who knew the colonoscopy beast tell me I could not trust my memory of the bad events because the versed makes you remember incorrectly. You don't imagine pain so bad it sends you to bed with percocets for nearly two days. I had another doctor tell me a colonoscopy is a brutal procedure and chastise me for not readly accepting all the versed they would give me no matter how much memory I lost. He said it was worth it to him to lose a couple days memory. Why don't they treat the pain and not just try to keep you from remembering it?"

I want everybody who reads this to type "unsedated colonoscopy" into their search engine. Colonoscopy doesn't need to be "brutal" at all. Many, many people including a lot of medical people have unsedated colonoscopies all the time. I have heard that the skill of the gastro doc has much to do with the ease of the procedure. I have also read where a smaller device is used which is more comfortable. What makes this procedure "brutal" is the use of Versed, in my opinion. The patient will be obedient and no matter how much they scream and beg the doc to stop, the procedure will continue because the patient lacks "mental capacity" to prevent further torture. The idea is that you may not remember telling them to STOP and will be angry and upset that the procedure was incomplete. This is self serving crap. I can absolutely GUARANTEE that if you had not received Versed, they would have had to 1) stop hurting you by going slower or converting to a smaller device, or 2) stop the procedure and forfeit their MONEY!

Would you be mad if they told you they had to stop because you were in unbearable pain? Or would you be mad because they relied on amnesia instead of giving you more pain meds? Apparently by using Versed they can, or maybe have to, skimp on the pain meds because of synergism between the drugs. Wouldn't you really rather have better pain meds and skimp on the sedation? Of course you would, you said so. They need to do as THEY are told, not the other way around.

As for the "other" doctor who opined that it was worth it to HIM to lose a couple of days memory, I can bet that HE isn't going to do it. HIS brain is too important to risk. HE will probably NOT be having Versed for any procedure of his own. This is also crap. It's worth it to HIM to destroy YOUR memory so that HE can get the money. (disclaimer; I know of at least 2 docs who like getting Versed. Two only, out of all the docs I know. One I know personally and the other one is on askanexpert Remember my stepfather is a doctor, I know plenty of them. I have also read where anesthesia providers can become addicted to Versed. I have no PERSONAL knowledge of this.)

The little lie about false memory is one that these people use a lot. They tried this one on me as well, so don't feel that you are the only one who has been told THIS little fabrication. It wasn't true in my case. (the only case I have first hand knowledge of as *I* was there) I had to recite conversations verbatum before they quit LYING TO ME! It's absolutely INFURIATING! I know what happened because I am one of the at least 10% who do not get amnesia from this poison. Obviously you experienced only partial amnesia. I can't tell you how many people I have heard tell the same story... Amnesia until the severe torture began and then awake while they were strapped down, held down or even sat upon, just so medical people can complete the procedure and get the MONEY! Then to be told later that their memories aren't memories, just wild eyed imaginings, is more cruel torture. Versed isn't a hallucinogen. Demerol is. LSD is. Ketamine is. Certain mushrooms are. Look it up.

It is MY OPINION that the reason they don't just treat the pain instead of trying to scramble your brain is because they truly don't want anything to do with you as a person. They want complete control and absolute power over you. They don't want to have to cater to you, (even though you are PAYING THEM A FORTUNE TO DO JUST THAT) treat your pain, explain things, or interact with you in any way. They want a zombie who can't stop them and won't remember the cruel treatment. That's all. You are not a person to them, just a procedure. Just money in the bank.

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely." This is why we get Versed and this is why we can't seem to stop them from using it. There IS no other explanation that I have been able to decipher!

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