Friday, August 26, 2011

For John Connor, NP, PICU

John I'm not going to post any more of your ignorant rants. Your "stupid bitch" comments going back for over a year, and maybe longer are proof enough of your lack of intellect, your hatred of women and your mental disorder. Narcissists are unable to see any point of view which is not their own. That would account for the tedious (and unimaginative) name calling, and the ridiculous claims you make here. While it has been fun to tear you apart, I'm now bored with you. If you want a forum to prove your complete lack of empathy or understanding, and your narrow-minded, bigoted point of view, start your own blog! I'm sure you can attract others with your same mental health problems. Then you can smugly write back and forth among yourselves, assuring each other that you are indeed the superior beings which you try to convince US of!

1st PS; John if you would like, you can e-mail me and we can exchange insults, argue the merits of any drug you desire, and you can call me stupid bitch all you want! I can send you all the info that I have gleaned from scientific, empirical studies about Versed use, including all the studies about Versed use in the ICU. I can also send you all the links to Ketamine as well. You aren't READING those posts are you? I can compile them for you and send them on. E-mail me at nomidazolam at aol dot com.

What we will NOT be doing is using MY blog for your juvenile insults and your lunatic beliefs. Nobody wants to hear any more from you. I am going to be generous and keep talking to you. Think of me as your counselor. You really do need to vent and I'm here for you John! You are just NOT going to be allowed to ridicule, besmirch, anger, annoy, harass, irritate, shock, dismay or otherwise upset my readers, some of whom are very sensitive. I know you don't understand sensitivity because you don't personally possess that trait, but perhaps I can educate you.

2nd PS; John, I am not going to put up any more of your posts! Don't you understand what that means? If you want to have discussions with me, civil or otherwise you must e-mail me. Please, John, I'm begging you READ THE DAMN POSTS FIRST before you go off half cocked! A lot of the stuff you are so nasty and uninformed about are SCIENTIFIC STUDIES! Which means that *I* did not write them nor did I make them up. This isn't rocket science John... It's readin 101. Basic stuff. Try not to look like such a fool, can you? LOL

3rd ps; Hi John. My stepfather the Dr. isn't peds but he is internal medicine and has lots of experience with older folks with problems as you describe. I'll get back to you on what he says. I already know that he won't allow Versed to be used on himself...

My own thoughts, since you ask... First of all we would have to determine what the desired outcome is. For you as a nurse it is probably just to have these children appear quite. For me it would be to actually have them TRANQUIL, not amnestic. There are other drugs which are merely tranquilizers if you want the kids quiet. I don't think that amnesia is such a good thing. I think Versed disrupts the neuro pathways in a dangerous and sometimes permanent way. I would never allow this drug to be used to immobilize MY kid! I'm not a fan of Propofol either as anything that can leave you awake and obedient, but screw with the memory pathways is suspect.

My thinking is that if these kids are old enough to rip their tubes out as you suggest, so are old enough to see if you can manage them with information and NURSING care. I think that a nurse is so much more than a drug pusher. (or should be) I know you guys are busy, but maybe not so busy for a comforting word and a little explanation? With Versed they are LIVING THROUGH the torment, but unable to do anything about it. Helplessness is horrendous I don't care how old you are. Maybe they can remember it later and maybe they can't. YOU DON'T KNOW! Can you imagine being trapped inside your own body, unable to move and perhaps not having amnesia? Can you? How BORING it would be if nothing else? How grinding the pain might be while your nurses ignore you, give you scant pain meds etc. because they think you may not remember, or because you are immobilized with a Versed drip? The scariest thing for kids and you were one John, are the things that go bump in the night. FORCING them not to remember much is like feeding the monsters.

I know you think I am the worst kind of horrible moron, but *I* had the experience with this brain damage drug Versed. I have had experience with other benzos, so whatever they did to the rings on the Versed molecule acted on my brain in a severely detrimental fashion. I know that others may not or perhaps mostly do not have the same reaction as I have had. The problem is that I would NEVER EVER risk this kind of reaction. Especially not with formative brains.

You ask me what *I* would use. Have you tried Stirifentol? Oxycarbazepine? (Using Versed for siezures is an off label use, not approved by the FDA, be very careful with that John) How 'bout just plain old Valium, which is not usually an amnestic unless you are giving it in way high doses. I am still not sure what exactly it is that you want out of the drugs. It SHOULD vary case by case, but the way you present it is that you use Versed for everything and anything. I think you want AMNESIA in these kids and the sedated part is a copout. Or, you want to not be bothered with them and so want them totally immobilized. If they are in such pain, why have them "conscious" of it, amnesia or not? Let them sleep.

Fentanyl "sedates" me (normal usage of word, not medical terminology) and keeps me pain free. I have not become addicted to any pain med. Aleve (NSAID) works better for me than Oxy. Everybody is different. BTW I have ALWAYS awakened from general anesthesia struggling and in restraints. This was so much better than the Versed awakening where I was loose and out of control in the PACU trying to kill people. The side effects with the Versed were also way, way worse than just having regular g/a. The kiddies may prefer having their mind intact, but their body restrained as well.

What I mean by my long explanation is this John. It's not enough to treat the physical body and ignore the most important part of being human. The mind. Don't wreck the brain for some transient easing of YOUR job. Especially not kids who are pretty much weak, helpless and small anyway. You claim to be providing excellent care and yet you insist on destroying kids brains with Ketamine and Versed. It's not possible to do both. I think you like these drugs because it's easier for YOU! That's why all the vitriol. Most of the time your posts just drip venom.

As far as doing "grand rounds" I think not. I don't have the training for that. (I know you are being facitious) I would however always be available if your hospital wanted a lay person to teach some sensitivity classes from my unique perspective. If you stop swearing at me and treating me like I'm a sub human, mentally challenged individual, I'll give you my phone number and we can set it up. Always a pleasure hearing from you.

pps. What would YOU DO if you couldn't get Versed? Let those kids move and kill themselves? Do not even TRY to go there with me honey. You and I both know there are better drugs for each individual case than Versed. Versed is just easier for medical workers for a variety of reasons, all of which I have heard before.

4th PS; John, grow up.

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