Sunday, August 7, 2011

The ABV Syndrome

As I read through the responses from lots of nurses, CRNA's and Insane Nurse, there is a theme going through them... "It just CAN'T be the Versed!" Previously I have accused these medical workers of being in denial. This term has gotten so trite in light of the "climate change" "global warming" and "global warming causing global cooling" controversies, I have coined a new term. It's called (ta da!) "The ABV Syndrome."

This is the "Anything But Versed" (ABV) thought process. I see it every day, all over the web. This is an adjunct to medical workers' denial of the truth of our experiences with Versed. This is also used along with demeaning and degrading patients who have a bad reaction to Versed, as in "you must have been insane to start with" type statements from our esteemed health care geniuses. Anybody who has come across any pompous pronouncements to the effect of "It must have been the (anything but Versed) that caused the problems," please send them to me so I can do a compilation of all the goofy excuses medical workers use to pretend that the PATIENTS (those people who have been violated with Versed) are wrong about their assessment of the nasty drug Versed.

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